New Year, New Lisbon Chapter?

I’m looking for folks based in or around Lisboa/Lisbon, who would be interested in collaborating on starting a Humane Tech chapter here in the New Year.

It’d be lovely to start a chapter here with some creative and dedicated folks, regardless of who you are, and what you’re currently doing.

Interested in exploring:

  1. Events/meetups/coffees
  2. Hosting dinners with tech companies, and tech talent
  3. Lisbon education/talks at schools and universities to raise awareness of humane technology
  4. Marketing activations in collaboration with local artists, musicians, retailers, etc.

Hello Callum,

Consciously Digital (the name speaks for itself I guess) has a Lisbon chapter on Meetup - I guess there you can easily find like-minded people


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Hey Callum – hope to meet up on this. Curious about your approach too, as I tend to subscribe to the old Einstein “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them” philosophy.

That and we live in a far more complex world today. Hence I’ve been a bit skeptical of “Make Simple Great Again” movements as a kind of familiar crutch for a bygone world where we need to embrace more ambiguity, complexity, and uncertainty … not less. Good fodder for discussion! :slight_smile:

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I posted a similar thread a few months back… As I just said Callum, would love to meet up for a coffee and help co-host it.

I’ve spaces we can use for events/meetups already and was already planning to kickoff a series of cross-disciplinary, human tech focused dinners.

Let’s chat early Jan and put a plan together?

Happy start to 2020 by the way :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, I just found out about the Humane Tech community but I’ve been based in Lisbon for over six years. I’m currently traveling (@ConsciouslyDigital: unfortunately, I won’t make it to your event) but I’d love to help organize an event in Lisbon!

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Hey @desassossegos! Welcome to the Humane Tech community.

Sorry for my delayed response. I am traveling for work for the next two weeks, but how about we get a little group coffee together in early Feb?


Hey @greg - nice to meet you! Are you talking about my personal approach or the humane tech approach? Either way, happy to discuss. Are you based in Lisbon?

Lovely to hear from you! I am traveling, but I’d love to get a along to one of your next events.

Went to the Consciously Digital event yesterday on digital distractions - loved it!
Will probably join in to co-organise one of their events in the future.

@greg @tidyminds @desassossegos let’s sort out a date for Feb? I’m going to be away from 5th-8th but otherwise free

Nice to meet you as well.

Woah, where did that Simple part come in there? I must be traveling too much and confused responses while on a tablet. Sorry!

Oh wait - this has been a while. I was likely referencing my thoughts about Consciously Digital quoted right above my response, which IMO also seems a bit weighted more as a personal speaking/book sales tour for my tastes — like an Alcoholics Anonymous aspiring to be a profitable Weight Watchers.

My simplicity critique there is more that we are cyborgs by the most basic definition - and that goes back even before our use of agriculture. It has changed us physically, mentally, genetically already. And while our brains like to oversimplify complexity (“people: good, technology: bad - let’s separate them!”), reality is far more entangled and requires more holistic approaches.

Most “digital wellness” thinking espouses the idea that we are separate from our technology. Not entangled. Thus it suffers from all the traps of describing our world in terms of exclusive binaries at its philosophical roots.

Hi everyone, Consciously Digital already runs a Lisbon group, please join and help us co-organize one!

I just started a meetup group for Conscious Tech entrepreneurs/workers:

Our group has more of a focus on spirituality, but our mission does involve creating a more human web, and I’m assuming that many of you here probably also have done quite a bit of work on yourself. So you may enjoy it! We’d love to have you among us!