Lisbon Chapter / Meetups - still active?

Hi all!
I’ve recently joined and am very excited to be the catalyst not only for online but also offline discussions in Lisbon, where I have recently moved to from London.

There seemed to have been a meetup created back in 2018 by Vanessa, but I don’t see any current activity. Is that still going and if so, can I join as co-organiser? If not, I had created a meetup before I heard about you guys which I called Human Tech Collective Portugal, and am more than happy to revisit and update to reflect Humane Tech branding and community guidelines… so that we create an even bigger impact.

Looking to organise a kickoff networking meet by November/December :slight_smile:


Me and my brother (we are building ActivityWatch) will be in Lisbon for Web Summit the 3rd to 7th of November. Would love to meet up then! :slight_smile:


I will be at websummit this year and would love to connect as well s be informed of Lisbon activities.

I live here.

First of all, welcome from London! :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t make WebSummit week (I’ll be in the somewhat humanistic tech counterprogramming at the House of Beautiful Business, whose program runs daily until 1am). But I can definitely try to join another time.

Is any of this still happening? I would love to gather with like-minded people building Web3/conscious interfaces. I’m currently running a Web3 lab developing products with a singular mission: to reduce the time it takes for users to accomplish tasks to the bare minimum (using natural language + interoperability + minimalism).

I’d like to attend the meetups or meet some of you.