Barcelona Chapter / Meetings

Someone in Barcelona interested in a coorganize a local meetup? Any similar events in the city? :slight_smile:

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Hi @mirmiki ! I’ve just created a meetup called Humane Tech Barcelona, because indeed it is an interesting topic and we should talk about solutions to reverse this “digital attention” crisis. If you want to coorganize the meetup, feel free to do so ! There is one existing meetup in BCN that tackles this problem (NetSquared), but it’s been held in Spanish if I’m not mistaken.

Just to say hi, and I am also in Barna, so happy to come over to the next one

Yey, great!! I’d love to join next meetup :slight_smile: I can not find the meetups, nor NetSquared neither Human Tech Barcelona.

Could you share the links? Thanks :slight_smile:
Want to meet in order to think of organizing an event in BCN?

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Hi Anastasia, glad to hear you’re also interested in the topic …!:slight_smile:

Great TEDx talk btw! :wink:

Hi, yes sure happy to meetup. I find this design a bit confusing though, can we email each other to coordinate?

Sure! Mine is :slight_smile:

Btw, looks promising :open_mouth:

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Mine is !

Hello! Does anyone knows if there’s a Barcelona Chapter? If there is I would love to collaborate with it

If it doesn’t what would be the basic steps to start one?

I think Barcelona must have this chapter, we anually held the Mobile World Congress and I think we could instill real impact over here!

Pieter (in this thread above) organizes meetups, talk to him

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Hi everyone! Do you think it would be nice to have an event around the topic of how GDPR improves/or not our experience with technology? Is this new legal framework enough for companies to say they act responsibly? Where do we draw the line around personal data?

Hi all Barcelona-based people. I am speaking to your wonderful city about neuroscience of digital distractions based on my new book Homo Distractus ( on the 12th June. This talk always sells out, so hope to see you there!