San Francisco Chapter / Meetings

This list is for people who are located in SF or the Valley and who are interested in a direct conversation or organizing a meetup.


I would love to participate in Bay Area chapter meetings, and happy to try to host them through Socos Labs (AI4good with Dr. Vivienne Ming), invite Singularity U alumni, Conscious Capitalism chapter folks I’m on the board with, or possibly help host at Hult International Business School in SF where I teach. Definitely an issue the students are interested in as well - one we’re talking a lot about this semester in responsible corporate citizenship.


Definitely interested in meeting up with people. Bookmarking this thread!

I can cover Singularity U staff. :wink:


Great. I hope more of them join us here, too, and share their thoughts.

Hello all. I would also be interested in attending and/or hosting a meeting in the greater SF Bay Area. I currently am located in Contra Costa County but will travel as needed.

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I live in Marin county- and have many local responsibilities so can’t travel over bridges/tunnels. I would be willing to find a space to meet and host a group. Let’s keep checking back here. Thx!

I work in Santa Clara but willing to travel to SF.

Interested in the refinement of tech and social media… located in Marin.

I’m interested in helping to develop Humane Tech Policy. Work in SF.

Hi all - I’m very interested in this space and would be willing to host initial meetups.

Live/work in SF.


Also interested in meeting up! Live/work in SF.

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Hello, I am interested in attending. I may be able to host an event downtown in the financial district. We may also be interested in helping increase the awareness of this movement by having folks from Time Well Spent speak at our SF Design and Emerging Tech Meetup.

Interested in connecting in SF as well.

Hello everyone, I will giving a free (DANA) seminar this Thursday (22) at WeWork 535 mission titled: MyMethod: Your Survival Kit for Working in the Digital Era - you’re welcome to join and afterwards we can have a joint meeting to further discuss what easy simple steps we can all teach others around us that will create change in the way people consume and react to tech products, Im a wework member so we can sit there comfortably. More about me and MyMethod pls read here:
LMK if you want to attend - so I will reserve seats. Bat-chen,
Note - I work out of Tel-Aviv mainly and visit the US once every 5-6 months.

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A lovely offer, I was across the country however! Is there a calendar of TWS or similar events around the world?

I would love to meet up.

Hi - would love to meet up! Am in financial district and can look into securing space.

Hello, I live in San Francisco and would like to be part of the discussion. Though I use “tech” daily, I am someone who has pretty successfully kept things like social media and smartphone use to minimum. I’m looking to change careers and have discovered that my desire to limit addictive tech interaction as a way to stay balanced and healthy has limited my job prospects. I’m excited about joining a community that would like to work towards a healthier and more human/humane tech environment and feel that as someone who has not particularly bought in the “addiction,” I have a good perspective worth sharing with others.

Hello! Just joined and super excited for this conversation - count me in on any Bay Area meeting! I am a local youth director and teach 80 different teens a week. I also run a lobbying trip to Sacramento and would love for this topic to be the focal point for our next trip.