NYC Chapter / Meetings

For people in the NYC area to chat and organize meetups (/ happy hours!)


I love meet ups. What would we eh … talk about? That’s an interesting idea. I live outside of NYC.


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PS: I threw together this meetup group (so as to merge all the various groups on Facebook, etc!) Join! NYC area and beyond (#tourists #travelers.)

HumaneTech NYC

New York, NY
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This is the NYC meetup group for the Centre for Humane Technology (HumaneTech!)

Check out this Meetup Group →

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Nice. So ok there are two of us.

What do you think we all are going to want to do? Sit in the Cloisters? ;-)! Go to a real book store?

Actually that is not such a bad idea. That is where I go when I need to calm down. And when I explain what I am doing, that is where I take them. I write about bookstores a lot …

I am sort of not kidding.

But a bar is cool too.



Hi everyone,

I’m new here, and am very interested in this.


This is great, thank you for starting the group!

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Hi Olena- happy to! So glad you joined.

Planning the meetup event for later this month (or early March…) hope to see you there!

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Hi all- just joined the group today, and interested in meeting like-minded people in NYC. I’d look forward to any meet-up in the area. Thanks for getting this started!

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FYI all! Just scheduled our first meetup!

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Hello everyone, I will giving a free (DANA) seminar on Wed. Feb28th WeWork 205 Hudson titled: MyMethod: Your Survival Kit for Working in the Digital Era - you’re welcome to join and afterward we can have a joint meeting to further discuss what easy simple steps we can all teach others around us that will create change in the way people consume and react to tech products.
I work mainly out of Tel-Aviv, so I wont be able to join the meetup on March22nd, but I’m happy to host you at my seminar and kickstart some actions that can be taken by the people in this group.
More about me and MyMethod pls read here:
LMK your thoughts on this. Tnx,

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Hello, thanks for setting this up. I hope to make on of these gatherings.
I’m in NY tonight, getting drinks near the W. Village at 5:30. If anyone’s around, it would be great to meet up.

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Hey! In Seattle on a little research jaunt, but hopefully I’ll see you next time you’re in the city! And / or at the meet up. You know Max Shron right?

Yes, I know him and will try to come out another time! But I have another event scheduled then in March.

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Thanks for forming this group! Excited to meet up with you all and discuss ideas surrounding this topic!

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Hi all,

I just joined but would be interested in future meet-ups!

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Awesome! Totally sign up for the one later this month.


My name is Liana Pavane and I grew up in NYC. I have just started a company called TTYL (Talk to You Later), which is going to be a pop-up in September this year in a TBD location. You can’t use your phone and you enter a space filled with board games, coloring books, comic books, etc. It’s a fun space dedicated to human connection.

Check out our website:

I’m always looking for more ideas and I would love to meet up with anyone who is interested in helping out. Is there going to be an April meet up? I wasn’t able to attend last month.

Let me know if you’re interested!



Hey! TTYL sounds super interesting… I can’t wait to hear more.

I just posted the second NYC Meetup (it’s going to be in May.) Hope you can make it!


Meetup in NYC, May 16th! Come one, come all. (PS: location TBD.)

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Meetup tonight in downtown brooklyn!