Seattle Chapter / Meetups

I’d like to put together a Puget Sound area group, possibly using to schedule and coordinate events. Is there any interest in this?



I’d love to have a local chapter / meetup.

Interested. Thanks!



I’m going to bite the bullet and put one together this weekend. I’ll post here when I’ve got the page set up so people can sign up.


  • Chris

I will try to make it if one gets made!


I’d attend a Seattle meetup too!

I set up a Meetup group, available at for anyone who’s interested. It’s only been up for a few hours and hasn’t been promoted anywhere but we already have about a dozen new signups, so…apparently there’s interest.

I signed up. Thanks for putting it up on Meetup.

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Well, we’ve got 40 members on Meetup now. Feel free to post here or on the boards there proposing events, and I can make others mods of the group so we can use it to schedule things. I’d much prefer to have in-person conversations when possible!

Are any of you interested in discussing possible project ideas and activity? Is that kind of thing better done here or on the Meetup site?

I’m interested. If you want to talk to others in the Seattle area, we should maybe try for in-person conversations via Meetup events (which could be cross-posted here). Do you think you’d want to attend an introductory “meet up and talk about goals and ideas” kind of event? Or better yet, host one?

Online discussions…I don’t know? The Meetup group boards don’t get much traffic for most Meetup groups, IME, people go to places like Facebook or Slack for that kind of thing, and you might have better luck here than there.

I completely agree about getting together in-person - and I’m absolutely interested in doing so. I live on Bainbridge Island, and I don’t have access to meeting spaces downtown. Should we start by meeting for coffee? Is downtown convenient for you?

About how many folks are interested in meeting up (based on here and Meetup)?

I can see about a meeting space in downtown Seattle.

The Meetup group currently has something like 55 members; maybe the best way to do it is to just set some in-person dates with hosts and see who RSVPs. I’ll try adding a poll to the discussion boards to see what people’s availability is for in-person events, and see if we get any bites there as well.

Would anyone like to volunteer to be an assistant organizer or event organizer in that group? It’d help with scheduling and hosting events.

I’m uncertain if I can commit to being a co-organizer. But I can probably find a place for a first meetup.

Let me check a couple of (a)venues and follow up here shortly.


Related: This event is happening tonight and may be pertinent to people’s interests. It’s at 7 in Kane Hall on the UW campus, and if registration spots are still open it’s free to attend. I don’t think I can make it myself, though (single parent means last-minute plans are tricky).

I’m happy to help organize something in the downtown or Capitol Hill areas … or maybe UW. What location are you thinking of James?

Hi Keith – I was thinking downtown. Though other areas are fine, too.

Downtown would be good - let me know when you have a good sense of some possible places and dates/times.