Baltimore / DC Metro Meetups

Charm city and Capitol Hill, where we at? Humane tech, Democracy+tech implications, and beyond. Could also explore any lobbying angles/support for CHT efforts given our proximity.

//Will personally be traveling next two weeks, but looking forward to getting the ball rolling and connecting in person!


I’m in the area and bumping this for visibility!

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I’m in Capitol Hill in Washington DC and would be interested in joining a meetup on this topic.

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What up?! DC - Woodley Park here. Would love to meet up.

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Sounds great. If free to meet in person this Saturday 4/21, let’s shoot for grace street coffee roasters in Georgetown, 10:30 am! Lots of things to discuss including the movement, recent hearings, and how we may be positioned to make a difference.

I’m in DC - Cleveland Park - and would welcome the chance to meet up with others and discuss these kinds of topics.

Hey Aaron. I’m in NoVA. Did you guys meet up on 4/21?

I missed this too but am in MD and would be interested in future meet-ups.

Want to bump this again as someone in the DC area who’d be interested in meeting up. Are people still down?

I definitely would be and hope others are as well. What do you think, @Maggielmcg,@JJmad, @AaronChang, @anikanook, @diannamjames, @Katelyn ?

I just started a DC humanetech meetup, if you search humanetech DC please join we can have a meeting in late January

Here is the link to the meetup, with amazon moving a HQ to northern va and further developing AI, Ishould we can grow a larger communityocally here in the DC Metro area

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Great, @Jbjusten! I’ve updated the Meetups table with that info: Eventful Campaign: Foster a vibrant meetup culture, organize exciting events