Humane Tech Meetup Berlin #1

Dear Community,

next Monday (June 17th) we’re hosting Berlin’s first #humanetech meetup at CODE University of Applied Sciences Berlin, at the Factory Berlin Campus next to Görlitzer Park!

Great resonance from the community so far, looking forward to seeing many of you there!

Sign up here:


Thanks for notifying us, @welf. If this becomes a regular event, please let us know so that we can add it to our meetup webpage.

The event went really well, the response was overwhelmingly good, so this will be a regular (monthly?) event :slight_smile:


Sounds wonderful. If you have any images that you don’t mind sharing on our social-media pages (Twitter, MeWe, Instagram), please send them. Thank you.

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Welf, is the meeting place staying the same?

Hey @patm, there are a lot of pictures on the event page! There might also be other locations from time to time but I guess the main location is the one at CODE University, yes!

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Wonderful; thank you, Welf. We’ll add this event to our meetup page. Will send you the link when it’s up.

Great, nice pictures and diagrams on the whiteboards!


Hi @welf @patm @micheleminno is Berlin meetup still active?
I will be in Berlin with two talks in April, and it would be great to meet up and perhaps have some of your members attend?
6th April - Neuroscience of digital distractions
7th April - Creative thinking in the digital age
Let me know!