Germany Chapter / Meetups

Hey there, this group is for people who are located in Germany (especially but not limited to Hamburg and Berlin) and who are interested in a direct conversation or organizing a meetup.


Hi there, I set up the Munich Meetup group ( ) - let’s see how we can make the conversation happening in Germany

Basel, Switzerland which can cater also for people from Baden Württemberg. Glad to meet up for lunch! :smiley:

Hi Humane Technologists. :slight_smile: This is our meetup group for Rhineland and Ruhrgebiet:


Hamburg: - Where had already our first meetup! Yeah!

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Our first meetup is taking place next Wednesday, April 25th, in Cologne. Check it out here! :slight_smile:

We are looking for speakers for our first Munich Humane Tech Meetup, May 16th, @Google. Any suggestions welcome!

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Nice! How did it go?

Our Berlin Event is coming up!

Ethics and Technology - Why is it important?
Monday, 7 May 2018 @ ThoughtWorks Berlin, Zimmerstraße 23, Berlin

Join us for the first Ethical Tech and Humane Design Event in Berlin ( where we explore trends in technology and their ethical, moral, and societal implications. Whether you are a designer, developer, business owner or consumer, these are the topics you need to hear in 2018.

+++ Please RSVP here: +++

Hey there, dear people of Hamburg. Who wants to connect, have lunch, a coffee, talk or organise a meetup?
Cheers, Björn-Torge