Amsterdam Chapter / Meetups

Hi there!

This topic is for people who are based in Amsterdam and who are interested in organising a meetup and having a face-to-face conversation. Main goal would be to raise local awareness, define urgent problems and create solutions via rapid prototyping. Oh and meet other interesting people! :blush: Who’s in!?


Hello! The meetup was inspiring !! Can’t wait to the next one.

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Great meeting. I feel really good about this.

Hi! Indeed it was inspiring!

Thanks guys! Agreed! Next edition will be announced asap!

I would like to join next time!

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Hi all Amsterdam-based people. I am coming to your wonderful city to talk about neuroscience of digital distractions based on my new book Homo Distractus ( on the 5th June. This talk always sells out, so hope to see you there!

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Hi guys!

I trust you are all well! As we are organising a new HumaneTech event in Amsterdam, some of you might have received a notification already. If you’re not, please visit the below link and attend if you are interest in adding value to local Dutch efforts to realign technology with humanity’s best interests. Let’s do this!

Meetup - Co-creation session 02-08-2018


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