Lisbon Chapter / Meetups

Hi everyone,
Looking for people interested in taking the discussion to a personal level in Lisbon. I created a meetup page so to start building a local community and start thinking about hosting events around town.

Who else is interested in the subject?
Let’s take the discussion forward.

Hi Vanessa!!
I’m portuguese too, from Carcavelos! But I’m based in Dublin atm… I would be interested in helping to organise those meetups!

have a good one!

Hi vanessa,
I live in lisbon and would like to take part in these meetups.
My area of interest is mainly awareness trough data but anything is welcome.
Any suggestions: Date/place/topic?

Hi João,
how are you?! Tudo bem?!

very keen to learn more about what’s your practice!!
Creating awareness is key in changing behaviours, who know why people do what they do, but the data won’t lie!!!

Iam a designer and this awareness is especially important in my work!
This is one of the projects iam starting about creating awarness…

Also, on the topic of on our disconnected existence, this was a central theme in my Ma 2nd yr project. The research was focused on “HOW IS TECHNOLOGY MEDIATING OUR INTERACTIONS?” - you can found the full doc and research methodologies here.

Have a good one!!

Hi João and Rui and everyone interested,

I started a Slack channel for everyone interested in getting this going in Lisbon, so we can actually build a community and drive things forward.
Here is the invite link