Dublin chapter / Meetups

Hello there,
any Irish or Dubliners in the community?!

Let’s start talking!!!

Yes! Hey Rui, I’m a PhD student based in Dublin - my research is very much aligned with this movement (Intelligent Notification Delivery) so very motivated to get this conversation rolling over here!!

Hi Fraser,
I guess we should go for a pint!! :slight_smile:

I have no phone, or social media besides skipe…
Would be great to start organising some discussion groups in Dublin!!

Enjoy the weekend and St. Patrick’s!
Let me know what you had in mind… shall we meet next week?!


Definitely up for a pint! :slight_smile:

There’s a few of you on skype - have you a motorbike by any chance? or you can add me ‘fraserkieran’ - think there’s only one!

Would be great to generate some interest around this alright! Cheers, it was a very happy Paddy’s weekend :smiley: hope yours was too!!!

I’m fairly busy up until the 3rd of April - would sometime after then suit?

Heya Fraser! Happy Tuesday!!!

Yeah, there are a few of me out there…

Lol, I thought you meant LinkedIn… i definitely need to my coffee

I will add you to skype!! Let’s meet after Easter then, whenever you can… just let me know!!
Have a great week Fraser!!

Hey all,
I haven’t been very active on the forums for the past while - but would like to revisit the topic of a possible Dublin Chapter Meetup if anyone is still interested? - Kieran

Hi folks, we have a running Consciously Digital meetup in Dublin, which we are very happy to use as a base for Humane Tech. If any of you are interested in co-leading it, please get in touch! https://www.meetup.com/consciously-digital-meetup-dublin-chapter/