Amsterdam Chapter / Meetups

Hi guys,

I trust that you are all well! My question is rather short and to the point, but as I have started to build the HumaneTech community in Amsterdam I have now been invited to a cocreation session by one of the largest global mobile operators. A project with potentially high impact for much needed change. As you will understand I’m super keen en will definitely attend, but in a way I am also looking to represent the CHT in a more formal way.

Therefore it would be great to get in touch with someone from the CHT team to discuss opportunities. It would if someone could advice me on that or if you would just get in touch via a PM. Let’s make a difference! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance guys,



Hi Martijn,

How cool is this! I’m from NL as well and immediately joined your Meetup group. Please feel free to join mine as well, see Let’s meet up and/or Skype asap, would love to get to know you (and your plans).

I would also be very much interested in a more formal way of being an ambassador of this CHT space in NL. Even as simple as the opportunity to become an ambassador and add a banner to my site ( or whatever :wink:

Virtual Vibes,

Hi Yfke! Amazing! just send you a pm on LinkedIn. Let’s connect! Martijn