Eventful Campaign: Foster a vibrant meetup culture, organize exciting events

“Eventful” Campaign



Events Program for organizing and promoting community-driven events, and facilitate our meetup chapters.


  • Foster community culture and member involvement by focusing on face-to-face interactions.

  • Provide help and guidelines, to ensure the success of meetup chapters and bootstrap new ones.

  • Provide a common home for individual chapters and stimulate information sharing, common activities.

  • Promote upcoming events using the community’s social media channels.

  • Use the Events Program as a means to grow our community with new members.


  • All existing community members (stimulate event participation)
  • Meetup and event organizers (facilitate meetup organizaton and promotion)
  • Potential new community members who visit our events (member onboarding)

Success criteria

  • Unifying individual meetup chapters and event activities into one concerted Events Program
  • Active reporting, cooperation and cross-pollination between community and community chapters
  • Effective promotion of upcoming events, leading to successful, sold-out meetups
  • Sufficient volunteers and cooperators to self-sustain the Events Program as an ongoing process


  • No retrospective held yet. Once the Program is under steam, regular retrospectives will be held


‘Eventful’ is an ongoing campaign that defines the Events Program of the community.

First goal of the campaign is to merge the efforts of all existing Meetup groups into one unified activity. The HTC has existed as ‘only’ a forum for the first 9 months after its launch. During this time a total of of 29 initiatives have started to form meetup chapters all around the world. This has led to:

  • 10 active CHT meetup chapters have been erected
  • 6 active meetup chapters that are not (directly) affiliated to CHT
  • 1 meetup chapter that has been disbanded again
  • 12 initiatives to create a meetup group, that have not materialized yet.

Unification starts by rallying current meetup organizers, and providing a common home for meetup chapters on the community website. Parallel to that we’ll create a common brand image, and document guidelines and best-practices for meetup / event organization. On the forum there will be spaces to ideate exciting event topics, and coordinate event organization.


Forum Group: Event Organizers

This forum group is for the team of all members involved in event organization and meetup chapter owners. Any member can request to join and in the group we discuss ongoing planning and ideas for the Events Program.

Community Role: Event Managers

This community role is for active community members that are involved with the Events Program and Eventful campaign for the community as a whole. The role involves continuous improvement of the program and initiating exciting new event initiatives. People in this role can become part of the Humane Tech Community organization on LinkedIn as ‘Event Manager’.

Community Website: Meetups Space [TODO]

The community website at humanetech.community will offer a common space for all meetup chapters (at humanetech.community/meetups) and individual chapter homes (at e.g. amsterdam.humanetech.community).

Part of the website presence is a common calendar, and individual calendars for each chapter.


The strategy for this campaign is divided into separate parts.

Facilitating chapters


Promoting events

All upcoming events will be announced and promoted via all the appropriate community’s social media channels:

  • Community Meetups site section
  • Community forum
  • Twitter
  • Mastodon
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

Results and feedback on past meetups will be communicated to the above channels as well, and also - where applicable - on:

  • Community Blog
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Imgur
  • Hacker News



  • No funding is required to execute this campaign.


  • Inform all community members and event organizers about campaign and Events Program



Overview of existing Meetup chapters and their status

Copied from the Campaigners inbox, below is the overview of existing meetup activities, that I compiled November 15.

Not all chapters listed are affiliated directly to CHT, and there are more out there in the wild who are unaffiliated, but on a similar path, that we may approach for future cooperation.

Meetup Chapter Organizer(s) Description and status
Amsterdam @martijn.catz meetup.com, 104 members, see: Amsterdam Chapter / Meetups
Austin @JaneWestfall Interest to start a chapter, see: Austin Chapter MeetUp
Baltimore, DC Metro @Jbjusten, @AaronChang meetup.com, just created, see: Baltimore / DC Metro Meetups
Barcelona @Pietervandewiele, @mirmiki meetup.com chapter no longer exists, see: Barcelona Chapter / Meetings
Basel @Malaidoskop Interest to start a chapter, see: Switzerland Chapter
Berlin @quanders meetup.com (not affiliated to CHT, topic: Ethical Tech & Humane Design), 318 members, see: Germany Chapter / Meetups
Birmingham, AL @Bocces Interest to start a chapter, see: Birmingham, AL Meetup
Chicago @Diane Interest to start a chapter, see: Chicago Chapter / Meetup
Dublin @kfraser Interest to start a chapter, see: Dublin chapter / Meetups
Hamburg @quanders meetup.com (not affiliated to CHT, topic: Ethical Tech & Humane Design), 285 members, see: Germany Chapter / Meetups
Israel @BenjaminG, @jony, @dlavenda Interest to start a chapter, see: Israel Meetups
Köln @Kamil meetup.com, 365 members, see: Rhineland Germany (Cologne, Düsseldorf, Bonn, Aachen) Chapter
Köln @Janmar meetup.com, 17 members
Lisbon @vanessa meetup.com, 81 members, see: Lisbon Chapter / Meetups
London @fraser meetup.com, created November 26, 2018, see: London Chapter
London - meetup.com (not affiliated to CHT, topic: Humanising Tech), 1014 members
Los Angeles @claudiob meetup.com, newsletter, 24 members, see: Los Angeles Chapter / Meetings
Los Angeles @datadave meetup.com (not affiliated to CHT, topic: Our lives, our data), shown interest to join CHT, 348 members, see: Los Angeles Chapter / Meetings
Madrid @borja Interest to start a chapter, see: Madrid - Spain Meetups
Mumbay @gopala.iyar Interest to start a chapter, see: New Meetup for India - Mumbai Location
Munich @steffi meetup.com, 246 members, see: Munich Chapter / Meetings
New York City @margothanley, @gcp meetup.com, newsletter, Slack site, 178 members, see: NYC Chapter / Meetings
New York City - meetup.com (not affiliated to CHT, topic: Human Tech), 130 members
Paris @benjathuil meetup.com, 44 members, see: France Chapter / Meetups
Portland, OR @Dan_Rubin Interest to start a chapter, see: Portland OR meetup?
Richmond / Charlottesville @Anna.Baglione, @ChuckH Interest to start a chapter, see: Richmond / Charlottesville Chapter / Meetings
San Diego @zack meetup.com (not affiliated to CHT, topic: Consciousness hacking), 1024 members, see: San Diego Meetup for Humane Technologists
San Francisco @ferj, @willmattei meetup.com, newsletter, FB event page, 50 members
Seattle @joseadna meetup.com, 105 members, see: Seattle Chapter / Meetups
Singapore @bjornlee Interest to start a chapter, see: Singapore chapter
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@PaulaFairphone suggested forking the Fairphone Community Map (github) to show where meetup groups exist.

Edit: I created a Github issue for adding this to the Community Hub.

Humane Tech Community Meetup Chapters

Our meetup chapters are now online at the Community Hub:

Many thanks to all members involved in organizing meetups for HTC. You have been added to the Event Organizers group, to make other members aware you are running a chapter (by showing the title ‘event organizer’ after your username).

Other Humane Technology-related Meetup Groups

The following meetup chapters are not related to the Humane Tech Community, but are also covering topics in the field of Humane Technology.

Meetup Chapter Member Organizers Description and status
Berlin @quanders Meetup.com, Ethical Tech & Humane Design, forum discussion
Hamburg @quanders Meetup.com, Ethical Tech & Humane Design, forum discussion
Los Angeles @datadave Meetup.com, Our lives, our data, shown interest to join CHT, forum discussion
New York City - Meetup.com
San Diego @zack Meetup.com, Consciousness hacking, forum discussion

Shown interest to create a Meetup Group

The following members have shown interest in the past to organize a Humane Tech meetup chapters. We would love to know if you are still interested to do so.