Investigate our Awareness Program. Do you want to join a Campaign?

Dear members,

I have just finished the transfer of our campaign information that is part of the Awareness Program from Github to our brand new Community Hub.

Do you want to participate in one of our Launched campaigns, or wanna help launch the campaigns that are in Ideation phase. Maybe you have an entirely new idea for a Campaign? Share your ideas on the forum. Any idea is good. Together we can improve it so it may become a Campaign project that we will facilitate and add to those already on the Community Hub.

See the overview of our current Campaigns and campaign in ideation phase, here:

When you have an idea for a campaign, see if it already fits in one of our Campaign Themes.

Currently the most important campaigns are in the Dogfooding theme:

  • Aware Prepare - Community-building, increasing member engagement, growing the Awareness Program.
  • Eventful - Organize and promote exciting meetups and other events, such as hackathons.

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Just clarifying what “good” might be so members feel welcome to brainstorm. Since we are leaderless all ideas are considered and open. No one person determines what may work or not since we have such different backgrounds.

Thank you, that was indeed a vague description. I have changed the text to clarify a bit more, hopefully.

Thank you @aschrijver for your leadership in creating this Campaign program! I am located in San Francisco and was thinking about the fact that there is no local , predictible meetup about Humane Technology. I was thinking I would be willing to host and organize it if there was enough interest to try. Is this something that would fall in the Dogfooding theme for community building? I don’t know if the idea is “good” but living here in San Francisco seems like to really get the ball rolling we need to increase the frequency of people talking about it in person (offline). Would love to see a weekly or biweekly meetup!

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I think this is a really amazing idea! Let us know when things develop further!

Hi @jaedaemon! This is great to hear, and indeed this is what the ‘dogfooding’ campaign Eventful is for. Any person can organize a Humane Tech meetup chapter. Part of Eventful is helping the meetup groups be successful, to promote upcoming events, encourage discussion on upcoming and past events and to organize activities between meetup groups.

There is already a meetup group in SF. You can see the list of meetup groups in this forum topic: Eventful Campaign: Foster a vibrant meetup culture, organize exciting events (they held their last meetup 27th of April, see here).

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Hey @aschrijver thanks for this information. About a week ago I submitted to join the Meetup Group “” however my “membership is pending”. I would like to join the core volunteers… is there something else I need to do to become a member? The core volunteers is probably the best place to start and then bring my thoughts to that table. What I’m looking for is a regularly scheduled, meetup that happens same time same place every week, maybe a local watering hole, to have conversations and meet more people. I’m not sure if that exists yet.

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The current meetup groups are still very independent of each other. Part of the Eventful campaign will be to bring them together under the community umbrella. I’d advise that you contact @ferj and @willmattei directly about your request.