Attn. Campaigners & Community Team: Repositioning of HTC for Humanetech Translation Program

Hi there, dear @CommunityTeam and @Campaigners,

First of all I want to thank each and every one of you for having joined me in these teams, and for the work you have done in the past!


Hereby I want to inform you about some changes that are coming. You might have noticed that HTC is starting a new program: Launching Now: The Humane Technology Translation Program

As a result there will be a repositioning of sorts of the community and a complete redesign of our website to facilitate this (see: Help Redesign HTC Website for Humanetech Translation Program).

Renewed activity

For a long time now I have been the only person facilitating, moderating and administrating the HTC. The experiment of being “leaderless” did not work out, and hence I have adopted once again the role of your Community Lead.

As part of the repositioning effort we’ll be the formation of new teams, and I am specifically looking for volunteers who have the desire to be active together with me. It may be that the current teams will continue to exist, in which case in due time I will create a poll asking who wants to stay in the team, and also allow new members to join the fun. People who no longer have time, interest, or do not respond will be removed from the members list.

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Hi Anord,

Thanks for the announcement. Also, it’s really commendable that you have been taking the lead regarding everything about the community. I personally would love to continue contributing to the community. I was busy with my final year project of uni study, but I should have been able to dedicate more time for this. I will follow closely with what’s going on and help whenever I can!

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Wonderful to hear, @Saiyu! You have made some great contrutions yourself for which I thank you dearly :pray:

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Count me in! My next few weeks are quite busy, but I’m able to commit to this for the duration of 2021.

Also, @aschrijver I think we’re long overdue to have a Zoom or something. To the extent that I can be helpful, I’m happy to offer my brain (for strategy) or just my “muscles” (for administrative tasks, etc.) as needed to help grow - but more importantly deepen - this community.

My motivation is both altruistic (I genuinely believe in the mission and values of this community) and personal (I hope to expose more people to Readup, which has a similar mission and values)

:v: :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Peace and love,

PS Have you read Reinventing Organizations by Frederick Laloux? I just revisited it after a few years and I think it would be right up your alley. “Leaderless” is hard (perhaps impossible) but it doesn’t mean that you need to completely scratch your plans for an innovative, decentralized model here.

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That is great to hear, @loundy, I am delighted.

Some time ago I have decided that I am content with a different role for Humane Tech Community. After we started out with the same ambition as the CHT of “triggering a cultural awakening” which came with a lot of ‘problem-awareness’ raising, the last reorganization was of HTC becoming mainly solution-oriented, and hence set out on a path of positivity and optimism from there. But with the analogy of “Building the Pyramids of Humane Technology” it was still having a grand (if not huge) vision.

I’ve posted a number of times of the “barrier to action” that exist in many people and ways to overcome it, but as community lead I continue to fall into ‘the trap’ that whenever I want to start some real activity, I also become the primary person responsible to keep the ball rolling, take the initiative, and invest most of the time in the new project. The Humanetech Translation Program is the latest example of that, where my enthusiasm for this - indeed wonderful - idea, makes me responsible for rallying all volunteers, being the motivator. If things go slow in pace, in this attention-scarce society, people move on again.

In 2021 I will spend time in thinking, together with the community, about a repositioning of HTC. Probably this is along more modest lines. The translation program might be central in this, and other than that I am considering HTC as more of a neat knowledge archive of solutions, where people ‘dump’ interesting resources, maybe discuss them, other people (lurkers, maybe) find value in reading about this. And maybe in the future we’ll ‘mine’ the archive and do ‘pyramid design’ - i.e. elaborating the field of humane technology - but not neccessarily do the pyramid building itself. Leave that to other, better positioned groups.