Site designers, UX'ers, Content writers, please help finalize our new website!

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The current website was designed to be an archive of all the resources posted to the forum, to be filled in over time. It should reflect all our community activities and efforts of Building the Pyramids of Humane Technology. And also it was planned to be a space for members to (re)publish their humanetech-related blog posts, which we’d subsequently promote in our social media channels.

It did not work out that way. Maintaining the website with these objectives requires a lot of volunteers being actively involved on a continual basis. This didn’t happen and the website languished. The Humanetech Translation Program (HTC) provides a new purpose for the website, and we will design it entirely with this program in mind.


  • Offer a multi-lingual website to present deliverables of HTC - translated articles - to an international audience.
  • Offer HTC members opportunity to publish their own posts in mulltiple languages (same as before, but extended with HTP).


General characteristics of the site:

  • Possibly a magazine style landing page layout that provides intuitive overview and drilldown.
  • Categorization and tagging of articles, plus a full-text search function.
  • Social sharing buttons so people can share article links to their own social media.
  • Attribution facility of original sources/authors, as well as translators.
  • Profile page where authors can present themselves in more detail.
  • A general section explaining the ins and outs, rationale of humanetech, and introduction of HTC.
  • Maybe a blog section about the program itself: results and insights, highlighting volunteers, etc.

Integration with the HTP workflow:

  • Documentation section of the Humanetech Translation Progress. Onboarding of new volunteers.
  • Ideally capability to start translation workflows from the site, suggest candidates (web forms)
  • Navigation and/or integration of the Weblate platform (

More technical features:

  • Zero trackers on the page.
  • Preferably no javascript, or graceful fallback if JS disabled.
  • Follows accessibility (WCAG) guidelines.

Starter theme

See: Poll: Choose your most-liked Theme for HTC Website Redesign. We have selected the Mundana theme:

Theme: Mundana

Mundana theme

DEMO | Github

Project volunteers

The following people have volunteered for the project (listed alphabetically).

Note: All volunteers will be attributed for their work on the website itself, and in the Github code repository.

@aschrijver project maintainer, Jekyll programming. (github account)
@eclein for UX design
@lamacri for translation into Italian

➜ ➜  Add yourself to this list if you want to join :raised_hand:

Project resources

The following forum topics are important in relation to this thread:

The following Github repositories are used:

Design & implementation

Here are some choices regarding the design and implementation of the website. Detailed TODO’s will be recorded in the HTP issue tracker.

  • Uses Jekyll (implemented with Ruby) as the core website technology.
  • Will be based on an existing Jekyll theme (need to choose one) and adapted from there.

Sorry, there has been a delay in furthering this project, because I was the only one doing prep work for it, and volunteering in other places than HTC too :frowning:

But I have been making progress elsewhere that is helpful to the translation project, and I am requesting help from the community to finally spin up the website we need to do our translation work and spread our humane tech insights across the world!

I have created a website based on the Mundana theme displayed above, adding significant improvements to the theme (which was quite messy). This website - still in draft - was created for the Fediverse and is called the Federated Diversity Foundation, and we can fork it to create the Humane Tech Translation Program or simply HTTP website.

The code for the site is on Codeberg here and still has a bunch of Open Issues. Here’s how the site currently looks like:


Dear community members, I need your help :pray:

The site above needs to be adapted so we can use it in our Translation Program. Here’s what needs to happen:

  • Resolving open issues to the site, where relevant to our Program → Anyone can help

  • Giving the site a new, distinctive (light?) color scheme → UX designer help needed

  • Adapting the site navigation (categories and tags) → Content strategist (lightweight) and some brainstorming help needed

  • Adding multi-lingual site capability → Somewhat Jekyll-familiar person help needed (should be easy to figure out)

  • Write some nice introductory texts → Any content writer can help

  • Organizing the translation process → Any member can help

Do you have some time to spare? Please respond below…

  • All contributors will be attributed on the website in the Credits page, and in CONTRIBUTORS in the site’s source repository.

  • All contributors and translators may present themselves on the website People Repository with links to their online presence.

(Photo by Daria Sannikova from Pexels)

Update: If you are on the Fediverse, then boost this post to help spread the word.

I added SEO metadata to the site pages, so that authors are properly mentioned. They can choose the license under which to publish, and this is part of the metadata. Also I basically rewrote the site html, so that it now uses Tailwind CSS instead of Bootstrap, and is much cleaner. With Tailwind in place the CSS is much smaller too, so the site is more energy-friendly.

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If this gets off the ground, I’m happy to offer any articles from for re-publication and translation. (In fact, you don’t even have to ask me to re-use so long as it is attributed, as it is Creative Commons).

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Wonderful, thank you! I am very busy on the Fediverse right now with Fediverse Foundation and SocialCoding initiatives, among others.

Update: Some wonderful stuff on your site that I will already share here and there. :+1:

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