Launching Now: The Humane Technology Translation Program

Join The Humane Technology Translation Program

Join The Translation Program

Humane technology matters everywhere, involves everyone!

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Help make the best resources of Humane Technology available to all of us…

Help spread awareness globally

With steadily growing awareness of technological harms to society there is rising tide of activism and solution-building to make our tech more humane. But most of the activity is focused on the English-speaking parts of the world, often only addressing the US context. The best resources to inform ourselves and become part of this movement remain unaccessible to large part of the world. This must change!

Join our translation program

Starting today, 18 November 2020, we launch a new program within our community, called the Humanetech Translation Program or simply HTP. We invite all of our members from all across the world to participate, and volunteer as translators of the best humanetech resources to their own languages and promote them in their own country of origin.

How it works

The coming days and weeks we will organize the program together. There is work to do. We will change our website so that it can present our translations for an international audience. The translation workflow needs to be defined, where together we suggest candidates for translation, which - after selection - are transferred to before they become part of our website or donated to the original owner (depending on license and consent).

What is in it for me?

Besides the satisfaction of being a true humanetech activist that contributes to the world, your participation in the program allows you to promote yourself. They can help you become an influencer in the field of Humane Technology. Your translations will be properly attributed to you, and - depending on license - can be published on your own blog or advertised to your social networks. You can build a portfolio as a translator. If you are a designer you can create artwork and add to your portfolio. As marketer you can practice your skills. We encourage anyone to find out what how you can benefit from your participation, and propose your ideas to the community.


Many thanks to @abuikis for providing the Weblate translation engine, and @lopeztel for triggering the idea for this program.

(Photo by Ian Panelo from Pexels)