Your suggestions for Humane Tech themes for Research Projects (editable post)

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to put together an awareness program for high school students. What are some humane technology themes that research projects for high school students could be centered around. (Example: Social Media and Data).

Information that would be helpful:

  1. Humane Tech Project Themes (as described above)
    Humane Tech Themes for Research Projects - The Saraswati Project (Discussion) - #4 by patm
  1. Teaching resources
    a) resources to help with building project rubrics
    b) project based learning activities
    c) methods of engaging classes and students
  2. Ideas for prizes
    I am looking to have some kind of reward incentive. What are some possible prizes that could be given out to inspire and motivate students
  3. Research structure
    Resources on how to conduct accurate research at a high school level.

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