Humane Tech Themes for Research Projects - The Saraswati Project (Discussion)

The Saraswati Project

Hey everyone!

I’m trying to put together an awareness program for high school students. What are some humane technology themes that research projects for high school students could be centered around. (Example: Social Media and Data).

If you would like to add to our resources, please add them to the linked wiki post. Use this post if you have questions about my project

Information that would be helpful:

  1. Humane Tech Project Themes (as described above)
  2. Teaching resources
    a) resources to help with building project rubrics
    b) project based learning activities
    c) methods of engaging classes and students
  3. Ideas for prizes
    I am looking to have some kind of reward incentive. What are some possible prizes that could be given out to inspire and motivate students
  4. Research structure
    Resources on how to conduct accurate research at a high school level.

Please discuss here, Add suggestions to this Wiki Post

PS. Here is a link to my project:

This presentation on Online Harrassment by @micheleminno provides some good themes already:

THANK YOU to all those that contribute!

Here is some information that might be useful.

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Awesome! I will check it out.

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Hi @sidnya, I teach in high school these subjects (Digital citizenship class). Here’s a subset of my last year slides, translated in English.


@micheleminno, your slides are really good. We should maybe drag them out of LI and into OSS slide deck (maybe using shower, markdeck or reveal).


This is great. I responded on another post as well. We are starting a Mindhood Club at Piedmont High School in CA. seeks to inspire positive digital habits, mindfulness and face to face community, thus mindful neighborhood = Mindhood. I’d love to chat with others in high schools who would like to inspire students to start similar clubs. We started the work with a pilot at Dartmouth College. I’m happy to chat with anyone interested in more collaboration.

You could look into the National Day of Unplugging in order become involved with a large international community committed to the same. Your education leads to “I unplug to…” Thinking about you, Siddhi, “I unplug to write assignments by hand!”

Siddhi, I’d love to connect!


Of course! Saraswati Project is still in its infancy. We aim to create a similar result to Mindhood, but in a different way. There will be more updates to our website soon so you can find out more about us and the way our program is implemented! Feel free to personal message me through HTC! Our program may be an interesting add on to your clubs. Thank you for your interest!

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@sidnya, some suggested links for your site.

This video is aimed in large part at millennials, but I think you will find it fascinating.

Note the use of drones to do the recording.

Adding this to show that technology can be used to produce fantastic art.

Awesome! This is how technology should be used -> for discovery and not to steal our attention.

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Anyone who wants to stay updated on the progress of this project can also subscribe to the news letter!:+1:t4:

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