Humane Tech + Social Justice

Are any of you interested in discussing possible collaboration on a Humane Tech + Social Justice project? I recently shared this idea with Tristan Harris and Max Stossel.

As part of the Create a Cultural Awakening lever of the Center’s mission, let’s create an initiative that simultaneously addresses humane tech and social justice by bringing new tech+arts opportunities to poor and underserved youth through neighborhood storytelling studios (inspired by the ideas and work of Bill Strickland). In the studios kids work together in mentored teams - learning tech skills, storytelling, teamwork, problem solving, etc. They gain a new sense of hope, possibility, and self worth. They get opportunities to learn about and connect with people outside their neighborhoods. They start to be able to envision a better future for themselves and each other - all within a culture that clearly lives by, encourages, and supports, humane tech values and goals - which leads to the development of a growing, diverse, and vibrant creative community of young people committed to humane tech and increasingly engaged in creating it’s future.

Graduate students in business, design, and architecture at local colleges and universities work with local professionals and with neighborhood communities to create the studio spaces, programs, and business models.

Before long, privileged neighborhoods want to join the network. They bring additional resources into the mix. New connections are created between previously separate social and economic bubbles of society.

Because I’m more recently familiar with it, I imagine us starting on the west coast - in Seattle, The Bay Area, and LA - but the long-term vision is for a global network of studios, helping to create the social/cultural infrastructure that enables the coordinated action needed to solve the inhumane tech problem.

I think this human-centered venture is one that tech companies would be happy and proud to support - it’s in the spirit of the saying, remember to grow the grass, don’t just kill the weeds.


Giving these kids a chance with technology is what I absolutely support.

Great idea!

love this idea @KeithFK
Working on this with @SocosLabs right now too, with Dr. Vivienne Ming, an AI expert, using her skills for good. Doing mostly social justice & impact work with tech non-profits from Trevor Project, Crisis Text Line, Mind Right, to cities like Oakland, companies from Accenture and Salesforce for future of work, etc. Would love to collaborate.

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