Make a difference! Fill in the Center for Humane Tech's Audience Survey.

Hey humane techies! Yesterday the Center for Humane Technology (CHT), an organization that you likely know (I believe it started this forum originally?), sent out a survey asking for audience feedback on their operations.

Here it is: survey link

The CHT is still leading the conversation on Humane Tech and their influence is growing. They’re doing imporant work, but maybe they can do some things better. For example, The Social Dilemma documentary on Netflix was a major success and increased awareness of the problems around inhumane tech. But I do not believe it really told people what humane (social) tech is, and how to make it, or how to support the people that make it.

For this particular movie, check out @jayvidyarthi’s review “the social dilemma and the victim mentality” (direct link, Readup link) for a different perspective on how to think about humane tech. That perspective was a part of my feedback to the CHT: they can elaborate on their activities that inspire you to Take Control. I also believe they should give more airtime to humane tech innovators, people and organizations that are actively changing tech for the better.

But of course, don’t take mine or Jay’s viewpoint - if you have any history with the CHT, just let them know what you think about their operations. It will help the movement!

(I hope this meme is not too culturally problematic, I’ll remove it if noted :eyes:)

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