A June Community Update

Hi everyone,

I’m Randima (Randy) Fernando and I’m one of the co-founders of the Center for Humane Technology, serving as COO. When we launched CHT back in February, we wanted to make sure there was a space for interested designers, engineers, parents, and citizens to share research, organize meetings, and discuss solutions for building and being with technology that is more humane. Thank you for the tremendous energy you’ve brought here! We’re eager to do more to support you all on our collective journey to create more humane technology across the tech industry.

Every important project needs a dedicated owner, and we’re bringing on Mamie Rheingold, a seasoned community architect and experience designer, to help here. Mamie was at Google for almost a decade, helping Tristan plan his first internal community gathering after his original “Time Well Spent” deck was sent around.

Mamie has been meeting community members for many weeks now, and will be helping to improve the forum, connect CHT’s work with the discussions here, and guide us from discussion into action. You can read Mamie’s detailed intro here – and if you haven’t yet introduced yourself, chime in on that thread! We’d love to hear from you.

One of the first improvements you’ll see is a restructuring of the forums to align more closely with CHT’s internal strategy. This will make it easier for the community’s actions to shape CHT’s actions, and for us to engage the community on projects where we need help.

Thank you again, and we look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks.

Take care,


Hello Randima
I have found it difficult to discuss or post information about solutions that I have created.

@Cowboy Were you trying to post to the Humane Design category? If so, I just updated the permissions for the category so anyone can post. Can you try again?


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It’s not a technical problem. There are no clear guidelines about responding to member queries that might include requests for information about existing commercial solutions. The moderators sometimes determine these posts inappropriate and delete them. I would hope that the main purpose of this group would be to find and explore alternatives to the corporate structures that are causing the problem.

Just curious, @Cowboy, if anyone responded to your comment.

Not yet. I don’t think this group is actually looking for solutions but I’m loath to post anything on FaceBook. We really need a first dancer to get it rolling.



Hi Randy

Thank you very much for your post , it makes me feel close to CHT projects.
Its very important to know this news. The forum structure and design changed a lot in last weeks, taking a very organized form , clear to read , to post and to relation different topics, making easy to relation issues and to have a "sense" of what is happening day after day. I feel that ideas posted here are creating synergy , working by themselves to connect to others. Its seems to me that a multidimensional thinking is beginning to coming across minds
Sure that some contents are taking strongest power.and I find that a promising situation ,but you are taking care of each word wrote down here.
I can say , personally, you are hearing our wishes of more participation , and evenmore considerating each draft suggest.
Happy with Mamie`s ownership in all this promising process.!
You can be sure of my commitment in helping on what CHT consider useful.
Have a great day

The reason I wanted to ask if you’d heard from anyone is that it seemed to me your comments merited a response. I thought that perhaps one of the moderators or admins had written a private message to you.

I think the forum is looking for solutions, but it’s difficult to focus the discussion on them right now. Admins are trying to meet the needs of multiple constituencies at once: new members coming in; old members waiting around for things to happen; and in-between members trying to absorb enough to contribute meaningfully to conversations.

By contrast, the Facebook group is very active: over 5,000 members and growing. New posts and comments appear every day, but the discussion is fragmented and random. It is a beehive, whereas here we have a rather quiet beehive :slight_smile: .


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