Wishing everyone a very Happy and (Tech) Healthy 2019 🌟

Dear Members and Readers,

On behalf of the entire CHT and HTC staff, we wish you all …

A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year ! Let’s Make it Rock :guitar::boom:

And may it also be a year in which we - people of the world - manage to bring some more sanity and improvements to how technology is applied and affects our lives.

Looking back to 2018

In February 2018 The Center for Humane Technology and our community was founded, and we have since come a long way. The Center was launched with great success and has become an influential advisory body to both governments and technology corporations at the highest levels, attracting the attention of global media and the press.

On our community forum we have held great conversations, addressing both the inherent problems of the tech industry and their solutions. Our member count is 2,200 and a total of 700 different topics were discussed, in over more than 13,000 individual posts.

At the end of the year we gave the forum an overhaul, bringing more attention to our 4 strategic pillars Awareness, Advocacy, Engagement and Humane Design.

And we started the first - of what will be many - community projects and initiatives, like our Awareness Program, where we’ll run campaigns to build our community (like Aware Prepare and Eventful) and create social media messages and videos that hopefully go viral (like Reality Shock - “Memories of a Bartender” and Phone Zombies).

Some more of the activities our Campaigners are involved in can be found in This small overview.

What’s up for 2019?

This year we will continue to build our community along the lines of the Community Roadmap and start yet more community-driven projects, like Digi Rights - Applying Human Rights to the Digital Realm (starting with a true Declaration of Privacy), and designing cool apparel (see “I’m Here Now” T-Shirt project).

We will give more clarity to the community, create a FAQ and more documentation and guidelines, and - importantly - a better defined mission statement. Furthermore we will seek opportunities for closer cooperation between the Center and community (between CHT and HTC), and see how we can reinforce our efforts in the best and most powerful ways.

Very important to remember is that This community is about you, and your relation to tech !, so:

What would YOU like to do with Humane Technology?

Yes, we are very curious. Let us know about your feelings, ideas and insights. Don’t hesitate to share. Create a new forum topic and add your posts!

Do you have an idea for a project, or a cool initiative? —> Don’t hold back. Tell us about it!
Do you want to help out, get more involved? —> You are most welcome. Don’t hesitate, and join the fray!

Activists, Thank you so much !

As your community facilitator I want to thank you all for a great year of fruitful discussion and activity. I hope you will continue your participation and become even more active. Together we are making this community great, and we will be greater still, both in size, quality and influence to the benefit of all.

Special thanks go to Tristan Harris (@tristanh), Randima Fernando (@randy) and other staff members for founding the CHT and community, Mamie Rheingold (@Mamie) and Samuel Klein (@metasj) for their organizational help, and to our new and active forum moderators and Humane Tech activists @patm, @micheleminno and @healthyswimmer!

Warm regards,



@aschrijver Happy New Year to you too! All the best this new year and thank you for your work here on Humane Tech!!

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I’m happy to work on the FAQs. If there is a set of FAQs somewhere on the Web that we can study to improve ours, please share the link. Many thanks.

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Great @patm! I have created a topic for FAQ discussion and a wiki post for the FAQ Draft.

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