The Saraswati Project - Humane Tech Themes for Research Projects

Hey everyone!
I’m trying to put together an awareness program for high school students. What are some humane technology themes that research projects for high school students could be centered around. (Example: Social Media and Data).

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I’ve watched these slides, and they’re excellent.


Maybe you can put something together about privacy- we can help you…

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Awesome! Im going to try to put together a structure and will let y’all know what I’ve got!

Great @sidnya sounds good. @patm wanted to make sure you saw this…



This is a filler website I created for the program I am trying to create. I am still working on the structure, but I figured it was good to have something out there.

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for!

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I was struck by the name you chose. This is a picture I took two years ago when I was in Washington, DC.

For those who don’t know the story of this statue of Saraswati, the goddess of learning and knowledge, here is one link:

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Awesome job! Looking forward to seeing the rest of your project. I’ll think if more resources in the meantime.

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Thank you! Is this something that should be moved to the Projects and Campaigns section? ( I don’t know lol)

Yes, I suggest making this the Discussion topic and then add another topic that contains an Wiki Post that is editable by everyone with entries. You can mark a post as wiki from the bottom toolbar (press elipsis icon, then tools). Maybe we should also delete the off-topic replies here afterwards to keep the thread clean for others to delve into :slight_smile:

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@sidnya if you could provide links here to access your project- or see when you update things- is where I get lost and can’t follow through due to my lack of training in this field

Though seeing the evolution of the discussion is good- it helps us old people remember which thing we were talking about.

Just saying because of 14 posts, 3 are on-topic (counting this one off-topic too).

What I think I will do, is create a separate thread in the Projects section, and leave this on alone. That way we can keep this one alive for resource sharing. Or would that be too disconnected?

I’m not sure- encouragement is on topic of course- but whatever works… forums wander a bit too to process ideas then return.

Yes, please do that, but create them in the Humane Design category, and create 2 topics: one for discussion, and one for the wiki (a wiki post must be last in the topic or you won’t notice someone updating it), See FAQ topics as an example.

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Alright! I’m going to try to do that rn. I don’t think I can make a wiki but if anyone (who is awake haha) can help me do that, that would be helpful!