👋 Introduce yourself or check-in for 2022!

  • If you’ve recently discovered this community or never posted, introduce yourself!
  • If you joined some time ago, you may check-in again to re-introduce yourself and tell us what you are up to!
  • Either way, let us know what you are up to in the humane tech space in 2022! What are you currently learning / playing with / working on / concerned or excited about?
  • Please don’t by shy! Even if humane tech is just a vague interest to you and you don’t feel you have much to share, it’s still really interesting for us all to hear how your journey brought you here! :slightly_smiling_face:

This replaces the old introductions thread which dates back almost four years since the beginning of this community and has over 500 posts. This new thread will remain in place through to the end of 2022.

I’ll start! I’ve been interested in Humane Tech for a few years and currently…

  • Volunteering to help facilitate here in the Humane Tech Community (hence this thread).
  • Writing about humane tech on mindful.technology, as well as related topics such as digital wellness habits and meditation apps (a use of tech which both helps improve our wellbeing and helps us be less reactive to distracting tech). Always looking for others who’d enjoy contributing articles for the site - send me a message if interested.
  • Gradually working through the free Foundations of Humane Technology course that was launched by Center for Humane Technology last year.

Welcome in the community team, Justin :hugs: I’ll follow up…

I joined the forum at the very start, and later organized the Humane Tech Community (HTC) as an independent grassroots group working bottom-up to address the harms of technology, whereas the Center for Humane Technology (CHT) was working strategically, top-down, like a thinktank. Initially we had the same objective of “Triggering a Cultural Awakening” but later repositioned more ‘modestly’ (but still very large in scope) and primarily solution-oriented to “Build the Pyramids of Humane Technology”.

Initially extremely worried (still am) about the tech trends in our society, my interaction with this community was the start of a journey that opened whole new realms for me. By opening up to positive developments and actionable solutions I became aware of a world of opportunity.

I gave up an upwards career path in IT, having worked in many different roles, and for the past couple of years I have dedicated doing community work, humane tech and free software advocacy and exploring decentralized (non-blockchain) technologies. I became passionate for FOSS and found a home on the Fediverse: a decentralized social network based on open standards, and a veritable field lab and playground for humane technology. Where Mark Zuckerberg dedicates to building some technocratic Metaverse, ‘fedizens’ dedicate to creating a PeopleVerse with a unique and diverse culture.

Nowadays you can find me all across the web and in many communities, such as SocialHub, Solid Project, Fediverse Town, Lemmy and Forgefriends.

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I’ve been here a while, not that active. I’m co-founder of Snowdrift.coop which is still working to get going, progressing but way too slow. (We need help, What Snowdrift.coop needs to launch )

I engage in related issues in most of my life from my own tech involvement to the way I deal with people in different facets of my life. My personal and music-teaching-focused website is at wolftune.com and it needs attention and to be redone sometime.

I’ve gotten especially into the deeper aspects of mindful/conscious living, and I think about democratic structures, good communication and so on. I have an aspiration to put together all the notes and framings I’ve found most useful and publish it all under Free/Libre/Open terms…

I’m currently reading the wonderful (if excessively long) book The Dawn of Everything by the late (tragically) David Graeber and Devid Wengrow. It brings together the most thorough understanding of anthropology and archaeology to make the core claim that for human pre-history was basically people making all sorts of conscious decisions about how to live. There was no agricultural revolution (thousands of years went by with people making varied decisions about how much farming/herding/gardening to do and intentionally avoiding limiting themselves to it), and cities existed without rulers or temples or administrators, and basically the whole story that society just had to end up where we now find ourselves, that’s nonsense, and we could very well choose to live in a lot of other arrangements.

I’ve been recently focusing on the next level of clarifying the FLO values and economic issues around which Snowdrift.coop is working. Specifically: our economy only knows how to work with scarcity and exclusion. Therefore, we force that into everything with paywalls and ads and so on. We need new models of coordination (economic and otherwise) that are designed to work with abundance and sharing. I aspire to write more on this soon.

I have a lot of room to improve in terms of keeping my check-ins concise.