👋 Introduce yourself or check-in for 2022!

Hey everyone! I’m Leo, and I’m an undergraduate at UMich. I’m majoring in philosophy, and am currently developing a senior thesis on the ways in which contemporary forms of technology impinge on/affect our realities, our interactions with one another, and our ability to be present (or immersed) in the content of our direct experience. I also want to look forwards and discuss how upcoming developments might affect similar changes. I would love to end up working in humane tech/tech alignment more generally, and will be actively recruiting for next year in the coming months (I graduate in May '23). If you’d like to connect, you can find me on LinkedIn here!

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Hi Leo, welcome :wave: This community isn’t as active as it used to be. As facilitator I’m most active now on the Fediverse (humane tech playground, you might consider this alternative social networking space) and building a new initiative, called Social Coding Movement which may interest you.

Hello all,

I am a design enthusiast and have worked on several strategic design thinking projects across the world. I now oversee client servicing, and business operations and actively work on design strategy, content, and more at Vyas Giannetti Creative. VGC is founded in 1997 by Preeti Vyas as a Strategic Integrated Design and Creative Communication Agency. Ranked as one of the top brands and design agencies in India. Check out our branding works here.

Just found this community from “Stretchly” application. Happy to be part of this. :grinning: