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@siddhi, I started to edit your post and then stopped, feeling that I might introduce an error.

I’m therefore trying something else: creating my own wiki post.

I think when @aschrijver said you should have two parts–a discussion and a wiki post–he meant as part of the same topic. The wiki part should therefore list choices or editable content, which others can amend, add to, etc.

Also notice the following:

  1. In the title of the example he referred you to (FAQs), he had this: “(Editable Wiki Post).”
  2. The discussion comes first and the wiki appears below it.

I hope I haven’t gotten anything wrong, but I’m sure he’ll let us both know if I have :wink:


I’m not quite sure I understand, could you explain further? I do not think I am able to format or create wiki post.


@siddhi, I think I must have made a mistake. Let me confer with @aschrijver in the morning, OK?

Sorry to concern you.


Its cool! I wont be able to do anymore work till next weekend anyway because of sports. Thank you for all your help and patience.


We’re all happy to be working with you. Thank you for joining the forum!


The wiki post needs to be the last one in the topic, and to ensure that it stay the last post the topic needs to be closed. So if you want to have an additional discussion about the wiki you need a separate topic and create cross-reference to the wiki and back.

Not doing so means an edit to the wiki does not bump the topic to the top of the list and it goes unnoticed by other members.

I know this is an involved procedure and I tried to suggest a change to the forum software, but that was not appreciated.


I think only moderators can open and close wikis. I am unsure. Could you help me understand what action I have to take. Much appreciated and sorry this is ending up so dragged out.


No problem at all :slight_smile:

Is this the discussion thread you want to have alongside your wiki post? —> Humane Tech Digital Student Citizen Program - The Saraswati Project (Discussion)

I like a name similar to this topic title, because it is more generalized.


Yes! I will send you the format for the wiki post through messages because I do not think I am able to create one. I will change the title as well.

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