Looking to Promote Open Source Education Tools

Hi All,
I am in the process of organizing a digital education program for high school students that involves a variety of projects including:
-Making podcasts
-Creating slide presentations
-Creating infographics
-Editing videos
-Creating graphic design elements
I want to offer open source options for students to create these projects. If you have any ideas or want to add your own product to promote please feel free to personal message me or add it in a comment below (preferably with a link).
Link to my project


What a fabulous job you’ve done of designing this site, @sidnya!

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Nice, @sidnya!

On your quest to OSS education software you might start in the Learn section of the top-level Awesome page:

And by searching on specific topics on github, like topic:education e.g. https://github.com/search?q=topic%3Aeducation

Then, when a project seems interesting, check how popular and active it is, and if it has a separate well-maintained website.

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Thank you for your recommendations @patm @aschrijver!