Online Learning Software

Good afternoon TWS community. Lately I’ve been commiting a lot of energy into learning about online programs like, Coursera, Ed X and Khan Institute. After reading W. Daniel Hillis’ speech “aristotle” in John Brockman’s book “Culture.” I couldn’t help but wonder where this drive for an app that mentors us through our bouncing passions escaped to.

I believe an App that Hillis discusses lies somewhere within the world of Apple’s Genius and these online Course Database’s mentioned above. It would be amazing to start a board of teachers who believe in and support software like this(or that someone in this group produces) so to excite the next generation of school leavers.

At the moment Hillis is busy building a one stop database, as his peers believed his goals too ambitious, focus one thing at a time. But trials could be coming out around the software that already exists. Imagine, a group of Year 12’s, jumping from Sociology to Computer Science, AI, French and getting fed relevant courses/snippets of info to adhere to their diverse passions. It would be the perfect escape from the inhumane trap of graduate-gap year-overpriced uni degree. These online learning databases could help children-young adults find their passion before dipping into a huge debt.

It seems odd to say, come together and steal Hillis’ idea. But I honestly just want this software to come to tuition, even if it means creating demos for Applied Inventions. Which brings me to another note, does anyone know of work Applied Inventions have done? If so, is Humane Technology in their ethos?

Please email me to hear more on my thoughts of this.

Hi Alex!

I completely agree that there is a huge need for a software like this! I have been running into this problem, and as a crazy college student, I have started developing it.

An app, IntraText, Interactive-Text that transforms books into a multisensory learning experience.

I would love to connect and learn more about your experience!