A Social Learning NW for Health, Wealth, Love & Inspiration..!!

My name is Zafar Satyavan (insta/twitter@zafarsatyavan) and I’m the author of Teaching is Out, Learning is IN! a book I co-authored with 2 more about revamping the education system of India where 10k in the age group 15-30 commit suicide every year due to academic and social pressure. It is a no-brainer to realize that Windows + Android + fB is largely responsible as their algorithms do not provide the help that CAN BE given. The people of NE India are very cool bcoz we kind of skipped the telephone era and jumped to the mobile internet - so a lot of us got the first taste of the internet thru a smart (??) phone.

I/We are looking for collaborators from India, Canada and Ukraine (for interesting reasons!) but anybody can be a part of this. We will roll out membership through a crypto-backed fund and spending time on our application WILL BE rewarded by Wizards/Oracles/Mermaids/Masters and Catalysts (the various kinds of membership) so we are aiming to bring equity to a population that the current model(s) of the WWW does not serve. (Any human being with a net-worth of more than $10k pa is automatically ineligible!)
Our top-level domain is divided into ********.com / .net / .org and the code is open-source at *******.info
If you are interested to know more, head over to https://maatricks.wordpress.com/2019/08/29/on-your-mark/ and leave a comment on the post and I will get back to you asap.
Thanks for reading this… ONWARD to the Noosphere…!! (an enLIGHTened internet for Planet Earth) :smile: