WebSonar 36 - Private Social Sharing Solution, FaceBook Alternative

We have completed our Private Social Sharing Solution and are providing it free of charge for the next ten days, until May 1st. If you have a Mac you can obtain the app here…

WebSonar 36

this version is designed for School Teachers who want an alternative to Google Docs

I now have over 100 items in the Mark Zuckerberg Library
The latest instalment is Carole Cadwalladr’s Ted Talk Video.

“My Question for you is are we going to let them get away with it and just sit back and play with our phones as darkness falls?”

Hi. Is this a free (as in freedom) licensed software?

The software only runs on a Macintosh computer and is free to purchase until the end of June. You can subscribe to a library for $5.00 a month on one of our servers. Free is what got us into this problem. No tracking no ads and secure.

In my post, I was speaking about license, not price.
To clarify again, When I said ‘free’, I meant libre licensed. Not gratis.

My mistake. The source code in not open source at this time but we will be considering that option in the future. We have spent over $200,000.00 of our own money to develop the platform. It includes the CREATEit iPad apps. It is designed to provide a better solution for educators and students.

See Education’s End Game

I asked you about license because I thought I could review your app for inclusion in our community curated awesome humane tech awesome list
Please let us know when you make the app opensource under either an OSI approved or FSF approved license.

So you are saying you would not want to review the solution as is? Do you have any other recommended apps on your list ?

Being a FLOSS (‘opensource’) licensed app/solution is a required condition for reviewing any inclusion request for HTC awesome list.

So you are not really looking for solutions to the corporate stalking problem and expect someone to actually provide an app for your list? How would the authors be compensated for their effort?

You can always charge a fee or price for your app/service.

We are very much aware of the problems - you can take a look at the awesome list I linked in my earlier reply. Reviewing an app upon request for inclusion in the community curated Awesome List requires that the application should be ‘opensource’.

Why do you make open source a requirement?

The software being open source is not a requirement for stuff that is considered Humane Technology in general, but it is a requirement for inclusion (i.e. mentioning) of the software on the Awesome Humane Tech list. This project was started by me with these requirements and was later brought under the umbrella of the HTC. So the purpose of the project is to show what open source projects are available that operate on HT premise.


Thanks for the clarification. I initially thought it was going to be a posted review of our software solution. On further examination I now realize what you are doing there. I believe a third party review of commercial solutions that are now available could be advantageous to both the community at large and the developers.