An Alternative to FaceBook

I have three children and three grandchildren, the youngest, Noah just turned ten. Unfortunately, for most of us, the Privacy Horse is long gone but it still may be possible to protect our children from the likes of Google, Facebook and Twitter. There is an alternative, WebSonar Libraries.

How you can help…

  1. We are looking for schools with a 1 to 1 iPad deployment to showcase the solution.
    We will contribute, free of charge, a Mac Mini server that provides 2500 WebSonar Libraries ready to use. Just plug it into your network and boot. Students and staff can opt in at anytime, to utilize these libraries to archive and share their resources and contributions free from ads and digital surveillance.
  2. If you have a mac, download the free version of WebSonar to create your own libraries. If you are on Windows or would prefer a hosting solution we can provide a library for you on our server.
  3. If you have an iPad purchase the CREATEit Pro app. We use this funding to enable the distribution of the free servers to the participating schools.
  4. Provide feed back so we can continually improve the solution.
  5. If you are a programmer we can use your help.
  6. We are currently a very small community but I believe many others likely harbour similar concerns. Recruit more supporters.

Link to Mark’s Library to view some sample content.

Here is a link to my personal library

You might try approaching Iolani, a private K-12 school in Honolulu.

Sounds awesome but nothing is free in tech or anywhere- who REALLY pays?