List of awesome open-source Humane Tech projects

Hi all,

I just created an awesome list on Github at this location:

I suggest this list is mostly for open-source projects (on github, gitlab, bitbucket and the like) and should contain projects that are directly related with code that solves the problems stated at (so it is not for just any software that happens to be humane due to its policies, etc.).

Would love :heart: your feedback, and your additions (PR’s) to the list, which I will subsequently maintain and moderate.

I also have a request to any community member that has good graphic design skills, to create a SVG Badge image for humane tech projects to proudly display in their README docs. This shouldn’t take too much time, if you are a designer. I have created an issue for that ( and a placeholder file ( as example.


I have added some initial projects and resources :slight_smile:



  • Privacy Badger github - Privacy Badger by Electronic Frontier Foundation blocks spying ads and invisible trackers.
  • Exodus Privacy github - Analyzes privacy concerns in Android applications.
  • ungoogled-chromium - Chromium without Google integration, enhancing privacy, control, transparency


  • Awesome Self-hosted - Locally hosting and managing applications instead of renting from SaaS providers.
  • Awesome Decentralized - A curated list of decentralized, P2P, and distributed platforms and applications.
  • Awesome Peer-to-peer - A list of peer-to-peer resources.
  • Awesome Activism Tools - A curated list of awesome digital tools for activism.
  • Alternative Internet github - A collection of interesting new networks and tech aiming at decentralisation (in some form).
  • GlobaLeaks github - Free and open source software intended to enable Secure and Anonymous Whistleblowing initiatives.


  • Stanford HabitLab github - Change your online habits, set goals, try interventions, view progress.
  • redshift github - Redshift adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to your surroundings.
  • Safe Eyes github - Safe Eyes is a tool for Linux users to reduce and prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI).
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So I found the Prisma Care mobile app project:

Prisma is an app that strengthens the relationship between people with memory loss and the people close to them.

But now the question arises:

  • Is this humane tech?
    – I think it is.
  • Is this suitable for the Center for Humane Tech given the problem statement?
    – Maybe not so much.


(PS I also started a more general discussion topic about this)

I added categories Social networks, Mindfulness, and Gamification and included a number of entries for each…

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Added Happiness category with link to HappyDB :slight_smile:

This is a great list!

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I added some more entries, added a ToC and PR’ed and an entry to the root awesome list :slight_smile:

Entries added:


Related awesomeness

  • Awesome Empathy in Engineering - A list for building / promoting more compassionate engineering cultures.
  • Awesome Diversity - A list of amazing articles, websites and resources about diversity in technology.

I have created a draft of a Humane Tech badge that can be used by maintainers of humane code projects that are on the awesome list:

Humane Tech

I have limited graphic design skills, so for a designer this might hurt your eyes :slight_smile: I also still need to do some pixel shifting, but that comes later…
All feedback is welcome. Is the badge too colorful? Should I use a different icon?

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Today I added the following Humane Tech entries:

Social networks

  • Socialhome | github - A federated personal profile with social networking functionality.
  • Facebook Demetricator | github - A web browser extension that removes all the metrics from the Facebook interface.


  • Loop Habit Tracker - An Android app for creating and maintaining good habits.
  • If me | github - A community for mental health experiences encouraging people to share their stories with loved ones.


  • Habitica - Gamify your life. Motivate yourself to achieve your goals.

On this beautiful day the following privacy-related Humane Tech entries were added:


  • Signal | github - Signal is a messaging app for simple private communication with friends.
  • uBlock Origin - An efficient wide-spectrum blocker for Chromium and Firefox. Fast and lean.

After the Facebook demetricator, the same author also created a demetricator for Twitter :slight_smile:

Social Networks

Proud to mention the first Humane Tech project created by one of our members @valere, and also the first project to be awarded the Humane Tech badge. Check it out:


  • Exodify - Wondering if an app is tracking you? Now you can see it directly in the Play store.

Thanks @aschrijver :wink:
This browser extension is only made possible thanks to the hard work of Exodus Privacy and their REST API! They are a great group, and putting such hard work, consider supporting them ->


A nice addition in a new 'Awareness` section on Humane Tech:


This application shows how much information can be derived from the personal data people carelessly provide to social networks (in this case FB). Check the video on how it works:

Note: If considering using for yourself, read the privacy statement and know that in order to analyse your data, some of it is forwarded to 3rd party services (IBM Watson and University of Cambridge… no not Cambridge Analytica :wink:). Therefore I’ve mentioned the privacy statement in the description of the awesome list.

The latest Humane Tech additions:


  • ConsentCookie | github - Customizable script that allow users to opt-in for cookies on a case-by-case basis.
  • Mozilla Contain-Facebook - Firefox plugin to prevent tracking outside of the Facebook website via 3rd-party cookies.


  • Chomper | github - Command-line internet blocker for the Linux desktop.
  • hack-an-engineer | github - Examples of intentional and unintentional hacks of software engineering media sources.

I highly recommend DuckDuckGo. It’s just awesome, and they’ve just released an outstanding new browser extension that actually blocks trackers.

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Thanks @anon76657042, I am using DDG almost exclusively (only for sporadic bad results I check Google, see if they are doing better) and fully agree!

But this awesome list is primarily for humane OSS projects, not humane tech products in general :slight_smile:

Really? Because the title of the Github page is “Awesome Humane Tech”. Seems to me that it is about human tech in general.

I am finding many thread unintelligible many threads because of the use of acronyms. I have no idea what is being said. What is OSS? I have no idea what you mean. I think anyone reading this and seeing “DDG” would have absolutely no idea what that means. There is another thread full of acronyms as well where I didn’t understand what was being written. Thanks.

Sorry, you are right, I use acronyms too easily :slight_smile:

DDG was in reference to your post above… the acronym for DuckDuckGo (while ‘googling’ is a word, saying “I am going to DuckDuckGo it” is a bit clumsy)

OSS means Open Source Software.

Regarding Github. Its the largest collection of open-source projects worldwide, targeted to software developers.

Most awesome lists deal mostly with OSS (though not always and this is not a requirement). The introductory paragraph in this list describes its purpose.