List of awesome open-source Humane Tech projects



@aschrijver You’re right about sticking to open source. When it’s not fully open source you never know what the real intentions are.

DuckDuckGo for example they’re for-profit just like Google. They made an estimated USD $7 million revenue last year which supports 45 employees. DuckDuckGo tries to make the appearance that they are different, but are they really? They are funded by venture capital, and the founder previously made $10 million by an SEO website which listed random names and name misspellings in the web’s wild days. So we have to be very careful. Many services imply they are doing good, but are they humane tech? Or just a slight improvement, or just an alternative to the big monopolies?

I wouldn’t trust any company with investors, that’s for sure.


And slowly the Humane Tech list is growing. Some nice additions:


  • Fair Analytics - A Google Analytics-alike server that doesn’t undermine user’s privacy.
  • Privacy Respecting - A curated list of privacy-respecting Services and Software.
  • Hosts - Consolidates several reputable hosts files, and merges them into a single unified one.
  • Blocklists - Shared lists of problem domains people may want to block with hosts files.

Hosts and Blocklists are nice (and sometimes better) alternatives than ads/tracking blockers.
Parents may consider this as a means not easily detected by your tech-savvy kids :wink:
Blocklists contains very specific hosts file examples that explicitly block e.g. everyting-Facebook.

Social networks


Two more additions to humane tech. One is a beautiful substitute for Google Analytics. Measure exactly what users are doing on your site or in your app, without invading their privacy by having Google aggregate and collect all of this information.


  • Matomo | github - The leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control over your data.
  • Referrer Spam Blacklist | github - Community-contributed list of referrer spammers.


Thanks for the list @aschrijver very useful.


Love the badge; thanks for making it.


Thank you, @patm :slight_smile:

One new entry to the list. One entry Chomper by one of our own member @aniket has been moved to Mindfulness category.

Social networks

  • Granary | github - The social web translator that breaks silo’s by converting data between social networks.


  • Chomper | github - Internet blocker for Linux with whitelists, blacklists and timers to help you be more productive while working.


Thank you @john! You maintain a very nice list. I have added it to the ‘Related awesomeness’ section :slight_smile:

Would you be willing to include a link back in your ‘Other lists’ section and/or a link to CHT in the ‘Organizations’ section? That would be great. I can PR if you want…

Related awesomeness


The latest addition to Humane Tech is a browser extension that automatically strips Google Analytics (UTM) querystring parameters.

What are those? They are added by many sites that use Google analytics and are automatically added to URL’s in the page, and also come from links you copy from mail messages. They are the utm_* statements after the question mark on the URL. Google uses this to determine that the URL came from you. For this purpose it includes ID’s and the like. Anyone clicking such link will send the parameters to the domain specified in the URL, where Google Analytics picks up this information.

When you use URL’s elsewhere having these parameters then Google can detect that and track you across sites, as well as the people who click on them (and determine those you have reached by your link sharing).



Hey @aschrijver! Could you please add to your GitHub list a link or links about Validbook. It is not for profit and open source project. Here are the main links:
Validbook description and “Proposal to Cooperate” -
Validbook alpha -
GitHub code repositories -

I am not sure, to what category Validbook should be added. Although, primary service among Validbook Services is Validbook social - a social networking service. Validbook as whole is not just and mainly not about social networking. It is based on a more abstract, higher level paradigm of optimizing cooperation levels among humans, things and virtual entities. Functionaly, it is a set of cooperation services like - service to create Self-Sovereign Identity, Digital Documents Signing Service, Social Networking Service, etc. More in this post - Validbook - a universal platform for cooperation


Hi @Drabiv,

Sorry for late response, but I had been away from the forum for the summer and just now see your post.

It is a great initiative that you are developing an OSS alternative social network, but unfortunately I cannot include Validbook on the list. Criteria are that the system is in production, actively maintained and has popularity in terms of contributors and/or uptake. This is for larger systems.

I generally do not intend to make awesome-humane-tech an extensive list of all social networks that are developed in the open. There are other awesome lists for that. I’ve made some exceptions for networks that are especially popular (like Mastodon) and/or have specific properties, like being decentralized/federated (also Mastodon).

Some entries on the list are not all that mature, but they constitute small codebases, utilities that concern specific Humane Tech areas, like getting rid of your news feed on Facebook. Code in these projects could come in handy e.g. when including in larger projects.

Your project could maybe find a better location on some of the lists I mention in Related awesomeness section.

Hope you understand my reasoning.


I have been restructuring and extending the awesome-humane-tech list a lot, without providing updates here. So here is the full list as it currently stands:



  • | github - Knowledge and tools to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance.
  • Privacy Respecting - A curated list of privacy-respecting Services and Software.
  • Ungoogled Chromium - Chromium without Google integration, enhancing privacy, control, transparency
  • Signal | github - Signal is a messaging app for simple private communication with friends.
  • Local Sheriff - A browser extension that helps identify what sensitive information (PII) is shared / leaked to 3rd-parties.
  • Webbkoll | github - An online tool that checks how a website is doing with regards to privacy.
  • PrivacyScore | github - A web privacy measurement platform.
  • ghacks user.js - A user.js template for configuring and hardening Firefox privacy, security and anti-fingerprinting.
  • user.js - Configuration for Firefox to harden browser settings and make it more secure.
  • Decentraleyes | - Browser extension that emulates Content Delivery Networks to improve your online privacy.
  • User-Agent Switcher | - Browser extension allowing to pose as another browser by changing the User-Agent header.
  • Random User-Agent - Browser extension that automatically replaces the User-Agent after a specified time interval.
  • Smart Referer | github - Browser extension that automatically hides the referer when changing domains.
  • Canvas Blocker | github - Browser extension that prevents fingerprinting via Javascript Canvas API.
  • Disable WebRTC | github - Browser extension to disable WebRTC to avoid leaking your IP address from behind a VPN.


  • Privacy Badger | github - Privacy Badger by Electronic Frontier Foundation blocks spying ads and invisible trackers.
  • uBlock Origin - An efficient wide-spectrum blocker for Chromium and Firefox. Fast and lean.
  • Exodus Privacy | github - Analyzes privacy concerns in Android applications.
  • Exodify | github - Wondering if an app is tracking you? Now you can see it directly in the Play store.
  • Firefox Multi-Account Containers | github - Keep your online life separated into color-coded tabs that preserve your privacy.
  • Mozilla Facebook Container | github - Isolates your Facebook activity from the rest of your web activity, to prevent tracking.
  • Google Container | github - Isolates your Google activity from the rest of your web activity, to prevent tracking.
  • Tracking Token Stripper - Browser extension that strips Google Analytics (UTM) tokens from URL query strings.
  • SilverDog | github - An audio firewall to block ultrasound tracking applications.
  • Blokada | github - A compact, fast ad blocker for Android that works for all apps and does not require root.


  • re:consent | github - Browser plugin that lets you view / change the consent you have given to websites for data processing.
  • Trackless - Add a GDPR-friendly Google Analytics opt-in/opt-out button to your site.
  • ConsentCookie | github - Customizable script that allow users to opt-in for cookies on a case-by-case basis.
  • GDPR Transparency and Consent Framework | github - Specifications to help comply to EU data protection and privacy rules.


  • Matomo | github - The leading open alternative to Google Analytics that gives you full control over your data.
  • Fathom | github - A simpler and more privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics.
  • Fair Analytics - A Google Analytics-alike server that doesn’t undermine user’s privacy.
  • Google Analytics Proxy - Proxy service for Google measurement protocol and client-side replacement of its analytics script.


  • Hosts - Consolidates several reputable hosts files, and merges them into a single unified one.
  • Blocklists - Shared lists of problem domains people may want to block with hosts files.
  • Referrer Spam Blacklist | github - Community-contributed list of referrer spammers.

Social networks

  • Mastodon | github - Your self-hosted, globally interconnected microblogging community.
  • Diaspora | github - A privacy-aware, distributed, open source social network.
  • Humnub | github - A feature rich and highly flexible open-source Social Network Kit written in PHP.
  • Patchwork | github - A decentralized messaging and sharing app built on top of Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB).
  • | github - A stream server that does most of what people really want from a social network.
  • Voten | github - An open-source, beautiful, highly customizable yet deadly simple, and warm community.
  • Socialhome | github - A federated personal profile with social networking functionality.
  • Facebook Demetricator | github - A web browser extension that removes all the metrics from the Facebook interface.
  • Twitter Demetricator | github - A web browser extension that removes all the metrics on Twitter.
  • News Feed Eradicator - A browser extension that replaces your Facebook news feed with a nice quote.
  • Granary | github - The social web translator that breaks silo’s by converting data between social networks.
  • Neocities | github - Social network that brings back the lost individual creativity of the web.
  • Osada | - A social network designed to be the glue that binds much of the decentralised web.


  • Alternative Internet | github - A collection of interesting new networks and tech aiming at decentralisation (in some form).
  • GlobaLeaks | github - Free and open source software intended to enable Secure and Anonymous Whistleblowing initiatives.
  • SecureDrop | github - Whistleblower submission system to securily interact with anonymous sources.
  • EdgeDeflector | github - Force Windows 10 to use your preferred web browser instead of Microsoft Edge.


  • Security Belt - A framework for improving the IT-Security of your teams through gamification.
  • Habitica | github - Gamify your life. Motivate yourself to achieve your goals.


  • Stanford HabitLab | github - Change your online habits, set goals, try interventions, view progress.
  • redshift | github - Redshift adjusts the color temperature of your screen according to your surroundings.
  • Safe Eyes | github - Safe Eyes is a tool for Linux users to reduce and prevent repetitive strain injury (RSI).
  • Prisma Care | github - App that strengthens the relationship between people with memory loss and people close to them.
  • Loop Habit Tracker - An Android app for creating and maintaining good habits.
  • If me | github - A community for mental health experiences encouraging people to share their stories with loved ones.


  • Mindfulness at the Computer | github - Helps you stay mindful of your breathing while using your computer.
  • Breathe | github - Take a moment to breathe. A Pebble app for breathing, written in C.
  • Chomper | github - Internet blocker for Linux with whitelists/blacklists and timer to help you be more productive at work.


  • Happy DB | github - HappyDB is a corpus of 100,000+ crowd-sourced happy moments.


  • Data Selfie | github - Track yourself on Facebook and analyze your data (server discontinued, code still usable).
  • Hack the Media - A media literacy guide highlighting how our media sources can give us a flawed view of the world.
  • Hack an Engineer | github - A media literacy guide for software engineers.
  • Facebook Data Analyzer - Analyze the Facebook copy of your own data.
  • HTTP Leaks - All possible ways, a website can leak HTTP requests.
  • Who Tracks Me | github - Bringing Transparency to online tracking - built by Cliqz and Ghostery.


This section is for inactive projects that are nonetheless still of interest regarding their topics or code.

  • Wi-Fi Privacy Police - Prevents your smartphone or tablet from leaking privacy sensitive information via Wi-Fi networks.

Related awesomeness


I have a question re Habitic — are there any studies looking at it’s efficacy — especially in teens?


Probably not about Habitica in particular (though you could join and ask), but I guess there should be studies on the effectiveness of well-designed gamification efforts to change habits. There are many practical applications that are very successful in reaching their particular stated gamification goals.

Note: I have used Loop Habit Tracker for a year. While not gamified, getting daily reminders about your habits are a good way to give them proper attention, I found.


A lot of changes since the last update:



  • NoScript Security Suite | github - Mozilla-based browser plugin to only allow active content from white-listed websites.
  • HTTPS Everywhere | github - Encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure.


  • Disable WebRTC | github - Browser extension to disable WebRTC to avoid leaking your IP address from behind a VPN.
  • Syncthing | github - Replaces proprietary cloud services to synchronize files across multiple devices, decentralized.


  • Better | - A privacy tool for Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac that blocks behavioral ads and trackers.
  • Firefox ProfileMaker | github - A tool to create Firefox configuration profiles with good defaults.
  • Searx | github - A trackerless, privacy-respecting metasearch engine that can be self-hosted.


  • Stretchly | github - A cross-platform app that reminds you to take breaks when working with your computer.


  • Awful AI - A curated list to track current scary usages of AI - hoping to raise awareness.
  • Firefox Lightbeam | github - Addon that visualizes Web requests between 1st and 3rd-party sites in real time.


  • AlexJS | github - Catch insensitive, inconsiderate writing.


Thanks. I asked as my very screen addicted 17 year old has not been able to use such personal screen behavior trackers, mindfulness/screen use apps,nor apps that actually lock out/shut down social media et al use — including those recommended on the humane tech webside. She either doesn’t use them, or deactiviates them. We’re reluctant to use some of the hard core parental control software as she. Is going to have learn to regulate herself in college very soon.


If you try out Habitica and she likes it, then it would be great to hear about your experiences, Ann :slight_smile:

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Announce: awesome-humane-tech has moved to Humane Tech Community !

I have started awesome-humane-tech as a personal project at, but have now decided to move the repository to the community’s Github organization:

And I’ve included some more additions…


  • OONI Probe | github - Observation network to detect censorship, surveillance and traffic manipulation (first read risks).



  • Break Timer - A Chrome / Firefox extension for taking periodic breaks, prevent RSI, eye-strain and tiredness.


  • OpenWPM | github - Princeton Web Transparency & Accountability project, a privacy measurement framework.

And thanks to @PaulaFairphone the following entries:


  • DNS66 | github - A DNS-based Host Blocker (and lightweight ad blocker) for Android.


  • OpenStreetMap - A map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open licence.
  • OSM StreetComplete - Surveyor app for Android to allow users to contribute to OpenStreetMap with ease.
  • Mozilla Ichnaea | github - An API that gets geolocation coordinates from other sources (Bluetooth, cell or WiFi, GeoIP, etc).
  • Mozilla Stumbler | github - A scanner that collects GPS and wireless network data for our crowd-sourced location database.

My personal guide to spending time well when using electronic devices

I added this checklist to awesome-humane-tech:


  • Security Checklist | github - Checklist of resources designed to improve your online privacy and security.


I changed the layout a bit and the logo icons used (now using Super Tiny Icons). And made some more nice additions:


  • PRISM Break - Security and privacy-aware alternatives to proprietary software.
  • Password Alert - Chrome extension by Google that warns about phishing attempts to your Google Account.


  • Tox - A peer-to-peer instant messenger aimed at making security and privacy easy to obtain for regular users.
  • Oversec - Android app that captures and encrypts texts you type, then passes it to the actual app.


Things you type and auto-filled fields on the web may be sent real-time to the server