Which parental control software do you recommend for my kids?

If you can think of any parental control app/software you’d recommend - I would love to hear about them, and your experiences in using them.

Though we would love our daughter to take control of this issue for herself - we may be past that point. However most of them seem overkill, eg include monitoring — we don’t want do that, especially not “spy” on her. We probably just need something that would turn her phone into a non-smartphone, without her being able to hack that. She only has a smartphone after her old basic phone broke, Verizon sent us what they said was their most basic model — but it’s not…

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Maybe I don’t get it, but if you don’t “buy” internet access for a smartphone it becomes a regular old style mobile phone with a lot of features unused.

Removing apps like Youtube, FB etc. works for me.
But you are competing for her attention with Big international Businesses and Governments.

The best parental control software I know of is quality time, love, regular hugs, cups of hot chocolate. Fill the human needs with human attention and all the artificial needs will vanish.

Our understanding from Verizon is the phone isn’t usable without access. She’s got plenty of love, therapy et al. But has anxiety. Screens are a too perfect, ready made escape, And school demans that she’s “on” in many contexts, eg “Google classroom”…

I see. Things are very different in Europe. I can choose to have Internet or not for the mobile. And Waldorf schools as far as I know don’t use (too much) technology for their teachings. France has banned WIFI on schools etc. Maybe check a few other Phone providers?

Yes, sounds like Europe is ahead of the States in this area. Switching providers wouldn’t solve out problem. Re schools — US schools have embraced tech/the internet, albeit with some restrictions on what parts of the web students may access via schools-based connections.