Just launched: the delightful project - true gems of freedom 💎

Due to a disturbingly commercial image search results I got today on DuckDuckGo I just launched the delightful project on codeberg.org (alternative to Github, for free software).

What it is

It is similar to - and inspired by - the well-known awesome project by Sindre Sorhus on Github, but is only meant to accept curated lists of free software, open science and technology resources that exist on the web. First receptions on the fediverse are quite good. If the project picks up steam it will help people lead to better alternatives than what our hypercapitalist world has to offer.

Project home

See the project description for more info:


I have just given the project more content and body, and am delighted to tell you all that the first delightful list has been created. The topic: Databases.

Check out the new information, if you wish, and maybe start creating your own list. That would be fantastic. And here is the first sub-list that has been added:

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