Young students realize about their relationship with technology and social media.

above mentioned video is just an example we have many videos and photos of different programs we have conducted different schools and colleges. hope this will call some attention for the members of this community. i am here from Nepal and working without any help from any side. it is very difficult . there is corruption in our government sector so i cannot lobby with them.
and no foreign aid has been provided for us. Now is the tough situation for our program.
ya we have not given any direct physical help or provide food for hungry but we have saved lives of youths from getting damaged due to social media miss deeds. we have made students realize their relationships with technology so that they can understand and make better ways themselves. yes we don’t pull people from dying due to hunger but we rescue youths from getting depressed.
is there any help or any idea this group can provide ?
i am eagerly waiting for any body’s response.
hope we can rescue more student’s mental health.
thank you.


Hope HTC could give assistance to Biswa’s organization. That gives real meaning to the word “humane” to Humane Tech Community. Thank you.

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@biswa would you want to create an advertisement for funding through social media so people are aware of your organization and can contribute? This is how I use social media positively.


@sidnya yes i would like to do any thing that can help us run the programs and solve cases of social media. i don’t have idea for creating advertisement for funding.