security and addiction

I have launched many awareness programs throughout my country. awareness on data safety, addictive and apealing behavior of social media, psychological and behavioral impacts of tech products etc. .
i have launched programs through my non-profit organizatio(Living. Around Technology).we almost conducted 50programs in different schools, community and colleges. more than 5000 students are benefited by our programs.students were very happy to get such kind of realization of their condition and their unusual relationship with technology products.
Now i am confused.
many students are contacting us to solve their problems related to security issue, offense cases in their social media. They feel good and safe to get help from our team. many come with cyber offense cases.
still i need more ideas so that they even reduce usage of social media. Our aim is not only making social media users data safe. we target to make use of social media for useful propose only. we wish that every person realize their relationship and calculate their time spent in screen.

Hi @biswa!

I think I can help you. But I’m more comfortable discussing this in a video meeting. If you’re interested, please send me a private message.