Exciting campaign on a short thriller addressing social media addiction!

Hi guys!!

I recently joined Humane Technology, which is why I’ll introduce myself first!
My name is Kilian, 22 years old, media student in The Netherlands. I recently started my company Clanstate Pictures, where i am to create short films addressing societal issues.

I am currently running a campaign for a short thriller addressing social media addiction. Together with a small team of local talents I want to make this film contribute to making people aware of their digital (mis)behaviour.
Here is the link: www.cinecrowd.com/connection-down

(Connection Down teaser from Kilian on Vimeo)

I’ve been studying this topic for over 5 years already and the increasing dependency on smartphones has bothered me ever since. I need to make this film, and make my (and your) surroundings aware of the consequences of the addiction to our smartphones!

Let me be clear here: I won’t earn a single penny by making this film. This is my (and our) first project and we simply want to address this issue and spread the message!

Please support the campaign by donating a few euros/dollars/pounds, and help us make our contribution to creating a better digital environment for future generations.

Thank you so much for your help.



Very nice teaser, @clanstatepictures! :+1:

You mentioned Zombies… are you aware of our own Awareness Program (and our Campaigners team, which everyone can join)? One of the campaigns is called Phone Zombies and we also have a number of plans to create videos as part of the Reality Shock campaign.

We are not into crowdfunding (yet), but are looking to realize these campaigns through crowdsourcing and by organizing exciting meetups and hackathons, where we may involve schools, universities and e.g. art academies and the like.

Would be great if you’d consider joining our efforts (see also our community announcement if you didn’t do so before).

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I’m definitely gonna check it out!! Sounds like something I’d be up for. Excellent initiatives!!!

…and, thank you for the encouraging words!