ask of help for training and fund


My team is researching on social media addiction in Nepal. As well as we also research on cyber crime. We present data , information, safety tips, and lot more in our awareness programs in schools and colleges in Nepal.
We are new and only one working in this field in our country. What we have found till date is youth and children are very much addicted to social media and they are very prone to cyber crime. We lack fund because nobody have ever entered to this field in our country and our personal pocket money is not enough to run organization. it is very difficult to run but we are still running . we need some training and lots of information and data . if any body can help with any thing they can that would be boon to our youth and kids . lots of youth are in depression due to abuse in social media. lots of youth and kids are in cyber crime cases here and the number are growing. help us to make our kids and youth safe. if any body is interested please message me. thank you.