Kids want to hack facebook account of their class mates

i was far from this community for some months because i was in rural area of my country to conduct awareness programs among teens and youths . i have conducted 6 awareness programs in different places in last 2 months. and again i am going to conduct more programs. now local government is also supporting us as our program is very useful and need of the time.

The topic i have entitled to this post is because , one of the girl of 14 years of age came to me and asked me in this way : “sir, can you teach me how to hack facebook?” i smiled and replied : “who’s account do you wanted to hack?” she said : "one guy from my class. " i replied : “why?” she said : “just to know whether his words on chat were true or not”.
i am touched by this conversation . the place where this program happened is extremely rural . people can’t afford 2 new sets of clothes per year, youths from almost every home go middle east in construction working visa and every one of them bring latest and branded mobile phones.
economically poor people also have the mobile phone in their hand. in rural area people pay money more than 50 times for internet than urban places. people don’t get easy meals every day but they starve technology and social media.
the main problem of mobile phone and social media is revenge porn, harassment .
can any body suggest me what kind of more program should i run over their .
local government is quite happy for our program over there they can allow us to conduct more programs in those areas . thank you . this community is godly for those children as i got many ideas that i presented among kids and youths. we ensure that people will be capable of using technology is safer way after our program.
pardon me for my grammatical errors . i hope i presented what i wanted to say. thank you.

Welcome back, Biswa. Did you ever connect with @luisfelipe? He’d been working on similar programs in Peru and offered to help you.