Mankind 2.0 Campaign Theme: Making people aware how technology impacts their lives



Raising awareness of the impact of technology on our society by producing unsettling or jarring experiences resulting from a wide disparity between what was expected and what the real situation turns out to be.


  • Smartphone addiction
  • Social media addiction
  • Privacy
  • Social credits
  • (More to come; all ‘Harms of Technology’ apply)


  • Shock the audience

  • Lead to introspection and questioning

  • Make the audience think and reach their own conclusions

  • Provoke, rather than convince


This theme is based on the following principles:

  • Not to push a certain agenda, or lecture the target audience
  • Instead, provoke introspection and lead the audience to reach their own conclusions as to whether they are comfortable with the impact of such and such aspect of technology on their lives
  • Acknowledge that we have become a very different society in a very short time and ask the question: “Should we consider this more carefully?”


  • This theme does not require a high-level strategy. Strategies can be found on individual campaigns.


  • Reality Shock - Using short, dramatic video’s to shock people into awareness


  • This theme has no additional resources yet. Please edit or comment to add your relevant links.

i think this topic must be considered seriously. and we should run campaigns on loop. my organization has been in the theme of this campaign. we always focus to make people realize about
Smartphone addiction
Social media addiction
health problems.
so how can i contribute to this campaign through this community ? please let me know. thank you.

One thing that puts it in perspective for me is listening in horror to the people who own this tech talk about how they use it in their own words. They make no bones about how easy it is to manipulate large social groups with scientific precision from a click. And morals for these guys were never on the table (Eric Shmidt don’t be evil, why does he need to keep reminding everyone?)

Also the podcast is a great tool. I heard the vegas one and couldn’t agree more about the pain vs reward system and dopamine and how our screens are the same as drugs when the user is observed scrolling under ct scan.

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