The Reverse Hackathon

Hi all! I’m working with the California Institute of Integral Studies to plan a Reverse Hackathon: using humanities fields to “hack” tech products in a more meaningful, humane way. We’re inspired by this movement, and would love to collaborate and partner with as many folks as possible. We see this as an incredible way to coalesce the community and work on product redesigns in meaningful ways.

Please let me know if you have feedback, or if you can help us reach out to companies and larger organizations to sponsor, partner, and provide judges! We’d love to have Center for Humane Tech as a key partner!

More info:



Hi @stervy, I know you posted a long time ago, but I would like to mention that - as community facilitator - I have started planning and organizing our Events Program. We want to make our Meetup groups - who are now fragmented and dispersed - central to the community, with common branding and coordinated events.

If you are still interested, send me a private message, or respond here.

One of the idea’s for the future is to organize hackathons and also a global coordinated hackathon: Idea: Global Awareness Hackathon to boost Awareness Campaigns project, jumpstart crowdsourcing