San Diego Meetup for Humane Technologists

Good to see this happening, @zack. @Dan_Rubin and I are organizing a #HumaneTech themed Meetup on Jan. 29 here in Portland as part of the group I organize here, Portland Community Design Thinkers. More info on that event here.

We’re still working on the detailed agenda, but we’re leaning toward making it more of an interactive, hands-on workshop style event than simply a presentation or an informal conversation (though those are certainly valid formats). It’s the design facilitator in me :slight_smile: Happy to share our agenda with you as it comes together. And hit me up if you or anyone you know will be in PDX!

Hi all, I’m just seeing this thread, but I thought I’d pop in anyway. It’s very good to see this happening.

@Dan_Rubin and I are organizing a HumaneTech themed Meetup. Please see: Portland, OR Meetup Jan. 29: "Addictive By Design: How Our Phones Hijacked Our Lives"