Searching For Job / Internship In Humane Technology

Hello community!

I’m looking for a new opportunity to grow and work.

As a founding member, I have just been co-building up the fastest growing educational tech startup in Germany. With a central platform for communication in schools, we have connected students, teachers and parents digitally to improve efficiency in daily learning environments.

Having a background in (UX) design and marketing, I’ve been responsible for branding and our product vision. Also, that came by with lots of product management, networking and public speaking in the educational sector. By now, we have come to a pretty solid state on the market. So I’m looking for the next opportunity to work and grow.

Since I’m deeply driven by an urge to make the world a better place with less harmful technology, I’m especially interested in work that contributes to humane technology. I’m 100 % flexible and willing to move to any place on the world if that’ll be necessary.

So if there’s anybody looking for a passionate and skilled 24-year old founding member / co-founder or just team member with startup experience, feel free to get in touch.

I’ll love to hear from you and get to know closer.

Cheers, Timo


Hi Timo, welcome to our community!
You can start by checking our new website, in particular the activities page.

Feel free to post any feedback about it, thanks!

P.S.: we have also a github repo.

@timothy Welcome- You’ll see job opportunities on the CHT website located in San Francisco… I’m not affiliated so don’t know anything beyond this. Just scroll down to the bottom.