Looking for Frontend Developer and/or Designer

We’re looking for a driven frontend developer with strong React skills to work under our senior designer/front-end developer (who came from the Humane Tech community)!

The beta we are releasing consists of a backend in Python, Frontend in React, and blog in WordPress. Other applications include Sketch, Mailgun, Firebase, Mailchimp and AWS, asana, smart sheet, InVision, appear.in, and google docs.

We are a small global team: Los Angeles, Spain, Hungary and Poland. For meetings we tend to connect in the morning to early afternoon PST, and primarily use asana to track all work.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Build out our designs from Invision
  • Expand our designs from Invision
  • Optimize our web pages for mobile
  • Adjusting our wordpress sites to match our new designs
  • Work within our User-focused brand and design

We’re very small company and on a tight deadline and we need someone committed and effective to help expedite the work.

We use

  • asana for project management
  • Sketch/InVision for design
  • Slack for communication
  • Google docs for information
  • appear.in for meetings

The budget will be split into the smaller milestone - for each task/feature/spring you’ll be paid a milestone. Terms and quotes for each task to be discussed.

Please include

  • only the best examples of your front end work in your application
  • Describe what precisely you were responsible for in those examples.
  • your github
  • your resume and/or brief background about you
  • your availability

Note: Please have or be willing to create an upwork profile, and be available to start work now, and have a webcam not only for an interview but for working together, we use face to face meetings.

Our priorities are:

  • clear communication
  • accurate estimates
  • fast and solid work

Thank you!

Thanks for posting, @Michael. Could you please explain the reason for your posting to the Humane Tech Community, i.e. your affiliation to Humane Technology?

One of our rules is that job postings should have relevancy to the community (other than just looking for developers among us).


Sure, Armold. As one of the first members of the community you can see my previous posts about what I’m working towards. As mentioned in this post I’ve been working with someone from here for many months now. Thank you.

I appreciate your involvement with the community, Michael. I gather then that you are refering to GetMotivatedBuddies. New site looks even better than before, when I gave you positive feedback, as well as some constructive remarks.

Since that time, when I was only a member too, I have become facilitator of HTC, and have to be a bit stricter wrt moderating this forum :slight_smile:

GetMotivatedBuddies is, AFAICS, a service that is not directly addressing a humane tech topic (other than maybe having people meet other people). Instead you aim to be an exemplar of humane technology, i.e. proper rules, guidelines, best-practices for your product design. I applaud that greatly, and if you get there, you could present yourself in the Humane Design > Exemplars category, and eventually also on the community website we are creating (blog posts, presentation page, etc.).

But you are not there yet, and that may also be the reason you like to find a community member for the job.

Some feedback:

  • From the website I still cannot deduce your revenue model. You say signup is free, but you are a for-profit entity.
  • You have a global audience, but the site is not GDPR-compliant I think (like e.g. missing Privacy Policy). Could be much more transparent in general.
  • Your FAQ states about sharing to advertisers: “No. We are part of the HumaneTech movement, committed to an ethical use of technology. Your information is private.”
    • This is misleading. There is not really such movement, that you can use as a ‘certification label’

In your job posting you could therefore state the following:

  • Your intent to become an exemplar of HT, and what that still entails
  • How the applicant can contribute to HT and what skills are required for that.