Any developers or entrepreneurs here?

Hi there

I’m an app developer and I’m actively working on 2 humanetech related projects.
I was wondering if there are more developers working on apps or products related to humane tech.

I saw another topic of open source humane tech projects, but mine are not open source… So should we also make a list of other humane tech projects?

I’ll start with my projects:

  1. Dunbar: Take charge of your relations - Personal Relation Management App for Entrepreneurs
  2. A personal structured pocket notebook + dumbphone package, which can replace your smartphone for a more focused life. “Take charge of your attention” (Name still secret)

I’m looking for more people interested in this.
Let’s share all projects we’re working on (humane tech related)


Hey - I am a UX guy but working on a number of projects at the intersection of mindfulness and technology, you can read about the different apps and projects here.

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Hiya. I too am a developer, current platform provides an alternative to publishers to the third party ad tech problem, and my other platform (still in dev mode) is for online consensus building. Welcome to the community, we need lots of solutions engineers. I look forward to learning more about your projects.

Hey @WwoeSsi,

@Siddhi forwarded me your thread. Please check this out: Smagotcha

Please get back to me if you’re interested in joining.


Hi @WwoeSsi can you elaborate on the Dunbar idea a bit more? I’m interested in getting a broader picture on how you envisioned it, purpose and eventually a business model. Thanks.