[Hiring] Siempo is seeking a humane Tech Lead ✨

Job Description

Who wants to get in the bunker and create some humane tech? Are you called to help the world wake up from the hypnosis of technology and orient towards what is life giving? To leave a legacy of architecting the digital world our hearts know is possible? To work in an environment that values radical self care and balance?

Oakland-based Siempo is building out the product side of this movement. We started with the first smartphone interface designed to support mental health and wellbeing, and recently transitioned to open source to invite a growing community of mission-driven professionals to plug into this important effort.

After working with a part-time CTO for a couple of years, we are now looking to find that perfect person to join full-time for the long haul and co-create our collective dreams. This is essentially a co-founder role that would evolve into a CTO position. Preference for Bay Area based or willing to relocate, for regular interactions with The Center for Humane Technology team, professionals inside Big Tech, and experts from academia and contemplative worlds.

Please help us spread the word. DM me with any questions, comments or leads!


P.S. Siempo is also seeking open source contributors with experience in Android / iOS / web dev, design and data science.


Hey Andrew! Thrilled to hear that Siempo is growing. I have a few names to send over your way and can also push this out to the All Tech Is Human community if you are interested.