Exploring options to jumpstart Siempo (humane interface)

Due to a variety of challenges in recent times, we are considering winding down Siempo, Inc. (the business, not the app!).

Meanwhile, we are exploring alternative options such as bringing on new leadership or collaborating with organization that would be able to commit resources to further developing the product.

As pioneers in the digital wellness movement, we have managed to stay in the game for five years, through multiple pivots and leadership teams and hype cycles. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished as an organization: developing an award-winning, highly rated and reputable, innovative and impactful solution to a severe and complex problem. Siempo is recognized for having true heart and vision.

In some ways, the project is complete. In others, it has only scratched the surface of what is possible. The Android app as it exists today is an expression of our product vision from the fall of 2017 with a handful of dev cycles. A lot has changed since then in terms of consumer awareness, our understanding of the problem, and the context of this historical moment. We see Siempo as an inevitability; a matter of when, not if.

Please fill out the form in the Medium post if you feel motivated to support Siempo!

-Connect me with experienced founders/operators who are looking to dive into their next project
-Connect me with organizations that might want to take Siempo’s work forward
-Reach out if you feel like there is an intersection between your destiny and Siempo’s
-Talk about why nobody is talking about redesigning the interface that 5 billion humans use to engage with the digital world for a third of their waking lives and perpetuate a culture of distraction/consumption/separation/domination that is leading to the self-termination of our civilization but totally could be adjusted to bring us back into right relationship with ourselves/eachother/nature so we can continue playing the infinite game of life with less suffering and more love.

Thank you! I plan on writing and speaking more on the Siempo journey sometime soon.

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